Dare County Land Transfers

By on February 8, 2021


January 28 to February 2, 2021


Burruss Danielle A from Harbinger Land & Timber; 014538000—Metes & Bounds; $102,180; Improved Residential.

Rind Guy R from Kalsbeek Allen; 013467000—Lot 79 Sec 1 Hatt Colony; $525,000; Improved Residential.

Sunda Christopher L from Fitzgerald Shawn M; 031018014—Lot 1004 Kinnakeet Shrs; $700,000; Improved Residential.

Brown Neil from Willems Jay M; 013360007—Unit B3 Pamlico Point; $180,000; Condo.

Devamithran Joseph A from Traber John P; 014822045—Lot 8 Sec 4 Kinnakeet Shrs; $486,000; Improved Residential.

Morrow Mark Ansel from Moorefield Associates; 014822037—Lot 37 Sec 5 Kinnakeet Shrs; $537,500; Improved Residential.

39197 Weakfish Drive LLC from Tomlex LLC; 013883000—Lot 259 Sec 4 Hatt Colony; $214,500; Improved Commercial.

Beidelman Ralph Allen from Campbell Margaret Hutchins; 026246000—Metes & Bounds; $550,500; Improved Residential.

Hare David Franklin from Mcquillin Steven J; 014839000—Lot 8 Askins Creek; $800,000; Improved Residential.

Roman Steven Thomas from Mahoney Blair P; 014854000—Lot 24 Askins Creek; $342,500; Improved Residential.



Dinterman Jonathan L from Waterfield Wilbur Eris; 016859000—Metes & Bounds; $325,000; Improved Residential.



Glah James J from Defay Jacques; 018762035—Carlyle On The Sound Lt 35; $228,500; Vacant Residential.

Davis Joel N from Todd Coyle Construction; 018782002—Multi Parcel; $175,000; Vacant Residential.

Cook Linda P from Volk Brian; 030668000—Lot 19 Sec A Watersedge; $340,000; Improved Residential.

Skultety Patrick from Kight Kurtis L; 020904028—Lot 28 Rr Swan View Shrs; $260,000; Improved Residential.

Parker Michael Leon from Stewart Richard D; 018762023—Lot 23 Carlyle-On-The-Sound; $250,000; Vacant Residential.

Cale Bradley E from Kleppe The Donald Dean Rev Ta; 018762022—Lot 22 Carlyle-On-The-Sound; $259,000; Vacant Residential.

Zink Todd A from Grabb Stephen C; 019896000—Lot 1 Sec N Col Harbour; $254,000; Improved Residential.

Brannan Charles from Beazley Stephen W; 019219000—Lot 45 Sec E Col Harbour; $379,000; Improved Residential.

Bateman Debbie Lynn from Group Holdings LLC; 019766000—Lot 5 Sec M Col Harbour; $495,000; Improved Residential.

Payne Kristi Y from Barth Daniel R; 000380160—Lot 35 Sec 5 Col Harbour; $327,000; Improved Residential.

Thompson Raleigh B from Sears Preston Lee Jr; 020490000—Lot 2 Sec T Col Harbour; $272,000; Improved Residential.

Mathes Nick L from Midgett William E; 018914000—Lot 114 Sec A Col Harbour; $60,000; Vacant Residential.



Merritt Virginia C from Ries Jerry J; 010244001—Nantucket Villg Ph 2 Unt 1; $275,000; Condo.

Sowards Traci from Hawes Tim Ttee; 009951000—Lot 18 Saltaire; $887,000; Improved Residential.

Guider David A from Brannan Boyd Richard; 009833000—Lot 4 Blk E Bayberry Bluff W; $580,000; Improved Residential.

Janezic Darrell J from Wilson Karen B; 028813263—Lot 263 Sanderling; $985,000; Improved Residential.



Little Hunter R from Fleitell Neil H; 011710000—Lot 36 Brigands Bay; $445,000; Improved Residential.

Barnett Ward K Jr from Lewis Victor Kenneth Jr; 015041000—Metes & Bounds; $ 0; Judicial Action.

Pyle Gregory W from Ryczko Barbara Ann; 017309000—Metes & Bounds; $197,000; Vacant Residential.



Miller Debbie B from Brooks Clyde W; 016092000—Lot 21 Sec 1 Hatt Estates; $395,000; Improved Residential.

Perera P Shaluka from Humes Michael G; 015712000—Lot 2 Survey Christler; $231,000; Improved Residential.


Kill Devil Hills

Desmidt Douglas Paul from Rusin William D; 000863000—Lot 1119 Avalon Bch; $185,000; Improved Residential.

Davis Bobby Ray Jr from 7X Down 8 Up; 000592000—Lot 23 25 Blk 46 Va Dare Shore; $310,500; Improved Residential.

Cherry William Kevin from Taylor Lois Seal; 008245000—Lts 42&43 Ocean Acres; $340,000; Improved Residential.

HH Obx Holdings LLC from Hurd Theresa Bosse; 029822011—Lts 11&12 Blk 64 Kh Shores; $385,000; Improved Commercial.

Shaffer David Alan from Hatsuko Parker Fink; 003602000—Lot 86 Sec 3 The Landing; $310,000; Improved Residential.

Keener Cynthia S from Miller Allysa Michelle; 001342000—Lot 627 Avalon Beach Anx; $304,900; Improved Residential.

Musial Kenneth J from Cloninger Elizabeth; 008164167—Unit 304-F Cambridge Cove; $250,000; Condo.

Mechak Benjamin Paul from Lane Jennifer; 004820000—Blk 11 Kd Beach Extn; $389,000; Improved Residential.

Gesher Nolan from Crew William Randolph Ttee; 003192000—Lot 37 Blk D Delray Beach; $499,000; Improved Residential.

Lester Stephen W from Longview Holdings; 004631009—Lot 4 Blk 37 Kdh Realty Corp; $119,000; Vacant Residential.

Derricott Torrence A from Doyle Dana White; 002694000—Lot 2 Blk 13 Sec 1 Croatan Shr; $437,000; Improved Residential.

Prater Milton E II from Kapes Jamie E; 008164057–Unit 53 Devonshire Place; $453,000; Condo.


Kitty Hawk

Hawk Jesse William from Butterworth Bruce W; 018590016—Lot 16 Kitty Dunes; $145,000; Vacant Residential.

Schmidt Frederick Marc from Giambanco Frances; 017775162—Unit 1602 Sandpiper Cay; $200,000; Condo.

Mullen Jenna Alexis from Crump Thomas R Jr; 010581000—  Lot 405 Sec C Kh Beach; $355,000; Improved Residential.

Muller Scott Robert from Sears Melissa B; 017775805—Unit 805 Sandpiper Cay; $215,000; Condo.



Zyrdon John E from Sears Preston Lee Jr; 029991126—Slip 126 Pirates Cove; $46,000; Boat Slip.

Manines Robert J II from Rich Sabo Realty; 025694334—Lot 26 Sailfish Point; $600,000; Improved Residential.

Belton Steven Joseph from Espich William A; 025694208—Lot 8 Hammock Vill Ph 1; $144,000; Vacant Residential.

SPMB Investments LLC from Carwile Margaret K Ttee; 025818021—Lot 20 The Peninsula; $750,000; Improved Residential.


Manteo (Outside)

Stell Walter H from White Stanford M; 025226031—Lot 5 West Side; $320,000; Vacant Residential.

Ashcheulova Julia D from Ball Frances E; 025381000—Metes & Bounds; $160,000; Improved Residential.

Hill Michael from Horne Harry W; 030926000—Lot 34 Heritage Point; $700,000; Improved Residential.

Hoekwater Phillip G from Opdyke Nancy A; 029968000—Lot 12 Colony On Roanoke; $480,000; Improved Residential.


Martins Point

MPR6005 LLC from MP6005 LLC; 028305000—Lts 26-29 Blk 6 Martin’s Pt; $3,500,000; Improved Residential.

Willems Jay M from Sweeney Matthew J; 028312041–Lot 41 Blk 1 Martin’s Pt; $285,000; Vacant Residential.


Nags Head

Tyler Joseph E from Moore Jennifer W; 008697000—Lot 2A Blk 3 Nh Beach; $1,275,000; Improved Residential.

Cruickshanks Heather from Russell Carolyn Adele; 006959008—Unit 204A Diamond Shoals; $531,750; Condo.



Logue Justin K from Domitrovits Michael J; 012755000—Lot 15 Trade Winds Beaches; $359,000; Improved Residential.

King Matthew John Jr from Edwards Lewis Philip Admin; 011497000—Lot 8 Sec 1 Surfside; $300,000; Improved Residential.

Kienzle Kyle from Moran Terrence R; 011505000—Lot 16 Sec 1 Surf-Side; $470,177; Improved Residential.


Southern Shores

Strachan Catherine B from Layton Gail E; 022711000—Lot 6 Blk 228 S Shores; $450,000; Improved Residential.

Cabaniss Carl L from Kerzman Robert M Ttee; 021210000—Sea Crest Villg Blk 54 Lt 14; $477,500; Improved Residential.

Morris James P from Sullivan Family Enterprises; 022670000—Lots 5&6 Blk 16 S Shores; $370,000; Vacant Residential.

Retzbach Edward J from Dixon Jean-Louise C Guard; 021669000—Lot 3 Blk 44 S Shores; $610,000; Improved Residential.



Heleno Jonathan M from Hosfelt Roger; 014336104—Lot 4 Sec 1 Sea Isle Hills; $285,000; Improved Residential.








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