Tatum Love improves, heading to noted rehab center

By on February 14, 2021

There is significant and encouraging news about Tatum Love’s fight to recover from severe injuries sustained during a Jan. 26 care accident. This new Feb. 14 post on Caring Bridge reports that this week, Tatum will continue her recovery at the Shepard Center in Atlanta, which specializes in Traumatic Brain Injury.

Here are some excerpts from that update.

“Tatum continues to make strides. They removed her trac three days ago. She started eating real food the next day. Her ‘speaking’ is still evolving with more moments of semi-clarity with sometimes amazing results…in fact…she is doing so well from a health standpoint that on Wednesday of this week we will be moving to the Shepherd Center in Atlanta to begin her targeted and comprehensive rehab!!

The Shepherd Center is among the best programs for TBI in the world. It is in fact the single largest facility of its kind on the planet. Without getting to far into the details…there are a number of hurdles and restrictions Lorrie and I had to sort out and deal with during our decision making but getting Tatum the best and most advanced care was paramount in every one of those decisions and the Shepherd Center is quite simply THE gold standard of adolescent TBI specific care.”

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