Nags Head selects subscription-based recycling

By on February 18, 2021

(Town of Nags Head)

(Town of Nags Head)

After many months of research and discussion by a waste reduction task force comprised of appointed community members and Town staff, Nags Head’s Board of Commissioners on Feb. 17 agreed to accept a bid provided by TFC Recycling of Chesapeake, Virginia, to provide a subscription-based curbside recycling service to homeowners.

As Virginia’s largest residential curbside recycler, TFC provides recycling services for over 700,000 households and operates their own automated recycling processing facility. Therefore, they have the capacity to haul, market and sell recyclables, providing a stable outlet for the materials they will collect from Nags Head’s homeowners. The bid price for the recycling subscription service was $14/month per residence. Nags Head’s Board agreed to subsidize the cost by $5/residence, bringing the final price down to $9/month for each homeowner.

“Reducing waste not only decreases the volume of material being sent to landfills, it also conserves other resources such as the trees, aluminum, and petroleum used to make new materials,” said Mayor Ben Cahoon. “To demonstrate how much we support curbside recycling and waste 2 reduction efforts, our Board will be subsidizing the cost of the service. Based on our knowledge of the subscription rates in other nearby locales, the fee for our homeowners in Nags Head is likely the lowest in our immediate region.”

The Town hopes to have the service in place by this summer. Town staff will work on a plan for the blue recycling carts now at each Nags Head residence.

In May 2020, the Town suspended its town-wide curbside recycling service due to several recycling industry issues. The Town had temporarily allowed its recycling vendor to haul Nags Head’s materials to a waste-to-energy facility, which was the only affordable option to continue the service. However, this was not consistent with the contract since the materials were not actively being recycled. This led to a re-evaluation of the program by the Waste Reduction Task Force and ultimately to the Board’s decision to move to a subscription-based service with a company focused solely on recycling.





  • voidless1

    Why are we talking about trash given the feckless storm water response in Nags Head. Take a scenic drive around MP 18 for a reality check of local stewardship.

    Thursday, Feb 18 @ 6:13 pm
  • surf123

    I’ll assume this is not a mandatory subscription.

    Saturday, Feb 20 @ 12:51 pm
  • Dethrol

    Subscription, eh? Whether you want it or not, or subscribe or not, you’re paying for it if you live in Nags Head. The Nags Head Board doesn’t produce anything of value and they sure as heck aren’t running bake sales or car washes, so where are they getting the $5 subsidy, per household? Yep, lucky you live in Nags Head….

    Sunday, Feb 21 @ 12:20 pm
  • Newbie

    😂 seriously complaining about 5 bucks for recycling? Move anywhere else in this country, ESPECIALLY near a beach then get back to me. I constantly see people here complaining about a ton of things instead of being thankful for living in a beautiful place with extremely low crime and a high quality of life! If you can’t afford 5 bucks then you shouldn’t live on the beach. Get a job, an education and a better job or move

    Tuesday, Feb 23 @ 4:48 pm
  • Dethrol

    @Newbie Reading is fundamental. The cost negotiated by Nags Head is $14 per month, per household. The contract requires a minimum of 440 households. The town supplies the carts. So Nags Head is committing at least $26,000 annually for the subsidy. Plus the cost of carts (maintenance, replacement). Each participating household is, therefore, on the hook for $108 per year, not $5. Nags Head’s Board levies a cost to everyone in Nags Head to pay (the subsidy) for this plan and again, the Board in Nags Head only deals with other people’s money so the cost gets spread to all who live in Nags Head, whether or not you opt in to the recycling program. Awfully condescending of you to assume that anyone who thinks they know better ways to use their own money is undereducated, underemployed or living I. The wrong paradise.

    Wednesday, Feb 24 @ 11:00 pm
  • Shirley Garrett

    I am so glad to that that the town of Nags Head has subscribed to curbside re cycling. I am Happy to participate as lugging the bags to the recycling center is a chore but I Am committed to recycling. I a. Glad to pay the very reasonable fee.

    Sunday, Mar 7 @ 5:00 pm