Tatum Love ‘getting better by the day’

By on February 20, 2021

Today’s Feb. 20 entry is clearly the most upbeat update on Tatum Love that has been posted on the Caring Bridge site. The First Flight High School student severely injured in a Jan. 26 car accident is making significant progress at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta.

Here is the key excerpt on her condition.

“The good news is that Tatum is getting better by the day…if not hour. She has multiple rehab sessions multiple times a day and every time I speak to them, she has done something more than positive. Yesterday she took a couple steps without the zero/gravity machine deal…this morning she walked back to her room from the gym pushing her chair for balance. That’s from one session to the next! We FaceTime a couple times a day, and we are starting to have real ‘conversations.’ Her almost famous sense of humor is there. She told me about a girl she met today. She joked about her new haircut. There are obviously still many challenges ahead, but we have started the ascent and she is putting in the work!!”

Gofundme to help support the Love family

Fundraising site for Tatum Love & Love is Strong merchandise

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