What you need to know as Dare schools re-open

By on February 25, 2021

Farrelly ‘highly confident’ classrooms will remain open

(Dare County Schools)

The following information was emailed by Dare County Schools Superintendent John Farrelly to prepare Dare County school families for the resumption of in-person learning on Monday, March 1.

The current DCS instructional program:

PreK-5: 4 Days a Week Hybrid: Students attend Monday-Thursday each week. Friday is an asynchronous learning day for all.

6-12: 2 Days a Week Hybrid: Cohort A (half the alphabet) attends Monday/Tuesday and is remote Wednesday/Thursday. Cohort B (the other half of the alphabet) attends Wednesday/Thursday and is remote Monday/Tuesday. Friday is an asynchronous learning day for all.

Virtual Learning remains an option for all students K-12 for the remainder of the 2020-21 school year. 

Guiding Documents:

NC Public Schools are required to follow the StrongSchoolsNC Public Health Toolkit (K-12). Here you will find all of the protocols and requirements that we will follow in DCS.

Dare County Schools has also produced the Returning to School and Work Safely Guidebook for families and staff. The guidebook has been updated to include all of our local low contact procedures for staff and students.

Daily Health Attestation and Temperature Checks:

Our required daily health screening text/email process will restart on Monday morning beginning at 6:00 a.m. Please respond to the 3 required questions on a daily basis by 7:15 am (before students are on campus). To fill out a preference request, you will need to login to your PowerSchool Parent Portal. Our thermal temperature units will take the temperature of all students and staff members when they enter our schools.

Daily Student Reminders:
  • As a reminder, everyone above the age of 5 is expected to wear a cloth face covering on all DCS buses and in school facilities (unless there is an exemption). Outside mask breaks will be provided at different points in the day and while students eat breakfast and lunch.
  • Please remind your children to wash their hands and/or use hand sanitizer during the day. Teachers will remind students frequently.
  • Social distancing is required and will be emphasized throughout the day. Students will be reminded to stay on the right and left sides of school hallways, 6 feet apart.
Technology Devices:

Elementary students who checked out a device for remote learning will need to bring it back to school with them when they return to school on Monday. Devices will be available to go back home in the case of quarantine or to do online remote work as needed (grades 3-5).

Nutrition Program:
  • All meals are free for the remainder of the year to all students (face-to-face and virtual). Students attending face-to-face may eat breakfast and lunch at school.
  • Curbside meals will be available for free for virtual and remote student families on Mon/Wed/Fri. Curbside locations are CHSS, MMS, and FFHS from 11:00 -12:30. Friday free meal distribution will be available to all students at various locations throughout the county from 11:00-12:30. Please refer to our website for those meal distribution sites.

In closing, we are excited to be in a position to reopen schools again and to have the opportunity to reconnect with your children. I am highly confident that we will keep our schools open for the remainder of the school year and continue on a path to easing the necessary restrictions that are in place. It’s been a long year for all of us, but much better times are ahead. Thank you for your resiliency, your collaboration, and your commitment to pulling together despite the many challenges that we have faced.









  • Julie

    Dare County Schools should open for Elementary Students 5 days a week..this has gone on long enough and all your teachers have been offered immunization. This is nothing more than a 4 day work week for teachers.. and administrators. They can call it what they want but when you offer a 4 day work week it’s going to be impossible to get teachers back in the classroom. The smart thing would have been to put your day off on Wednesday and keep teachers at their work site, planning and collaborating with their team. I highly regard teachers but in this case I believe this is being driven by the Administration in Dare County.. This is a childcare nightmare, leaves kids home alone on Fridays when parents are working. Poor plan in my opinion.

    Friday, Feb 26 @ 7:52 am
  • Thomas

    Implied in a two day a week in person schedule is that the kids are at a reduced risk for covid. But if they go five days a week they are at greater risk for the illness. By this logic if I go to the gym everyday or the supermarket every day I’m at a greater risk for the disease. If you are social distancing and wearing a mask at school, at the gym or at the supermarket how is two days a week safer than five? The logic is deeply flawed and I agree with Julie (above) that kids should be back every day.

    Friday, Feb 26 @ 5:02 pm
  • Linda

    The teachers will be in the classrooms on Fridays.

    Saturday, Feb 27 @ 7:04 am
  • Bud

    One day at home alone is better than five..

    Saturday, Feb 27 @ 7:21 am
  • Juliey

    Julie, do you have any common sense? Thank you to all teachers who have given it their all through these unforeseen circumstances.

    Sunday, Feb 28 @ 6:57 am
  • Peter

    Thank you to all of the teachers who have given such great efforts through the unforeseen circumstances since last March! Also thank you OBX VOICE for understanding the value of Freedom of Speech.

    Sunday, Feb 28 @ 8:13 am