New update on Tatum Love: ‘We are us again’

By on February 27, 2021

This update on Tatum Love’s condition was posted on the Caring Bridge site today, on Feb. 27, as she nears her 17th birthday. We are publishing excerpts that are largely related to her battle back from the very serious injuries she suffered in a Jan. 26 car accident. The news continues to be encouraging.

“Without being too specific or getting bogged down in the details…it’s hard to put into words what the morning after her life-saving brain surgery was like compared to watching Tatum throw up a peace sign while eating cheese bread from Mellow Mushroom Pizza with a smile on her face and a twinkle in her eye two weeks later…Tatum being Tatum. Two weeks and some change ago Tatum couldn’t breathe on her own/eat/open her eyes/speak/almost no purposeful responses of any kind/etc. Last night we were laughing…joking around…she was showing off some of her birthday gifts…things may not be ‘normal’ yet but we are ‘us’ again. Make no mistake, Tatum has a long journey ahead and there will be rough seas to navigate. She experienced a traumatic brain injury that is very real but the amount of progress she has made…especially just since her arrival at Shepherd Center…is downright astonishing. Her therapists, doctors, and nurses continue to tell us how well she is doing. How she reminds them of other ‘success stories’ and patients they have seen in the past and because of it, we are cautiously optimistic, more than hopeful and genuinely encouraged!

On Thursday, March 4th please raise a glass, say a prayer, give some thought and send some positive energy and love out into this existence we all share as we celebrate Tatum Love and all she is on her 17th birthday!



    Watching and reading from afar down here in Sarasota, FL and thankful for your good news.

    Saturday, Feb 27 @ 2:28 pm
  • lippy

    Happy Birthday Tatum 🎉🎉🎉🎉

    Saturday, Feb 27 @ 4:08 pm