Dare County Land Transfers

By on March 2, 2021


February 18 to February 25, 2021


Porter Joanne Marie from Bennett Jack Miller/014542000—Int-Metes & Bounds/$83,000/Improved Residential.



Whalen Dennis Russell from Livingston Joy L/016655007—Lot 2 Pamlico Overlook/$585,000/Improved Residential.

Nonnenmocher Josh from Salyers Rebecca Conner/026325016—Lot 4 Wooded Ridge/$175,000/Vacant Residential.



Slaughter Donald W from Whitener Carole Barham/019281000-Lot 109 Sec E Col Harbour/$255,000/Improved Residential.

Godwin Kathleen A from Crisler Brenda G/020733000—Lot 61 Sec W Col Harbour/$15,500/Vacant Residential.

Starks Dawn G from Smart William Ray Sr/020287000—Lot 14 Sec R Col Harbour/$615,000/Improved Residential.

Whyte Brian C from Dickerson Walter H/019599000—Lot 130 Sec K Col Harbour/$275,000/Improved Residential.

Kearns Elexis from Cheatham Michael/020745078—Lot 78 Sec W Col Harbour/$118,000/Mobile Home Included.

Arthur Mike from Maughlin Michael L Ttee/020895000—Lot 70 Sec Z Col Harbour/$699,000/Improved Residential.



Behrens William R from Webb Robert W/010219028—Lot 28 Ocean Crest/$735,800/Improved Residential.

Slepian Adam from Peduto Anthony F Ttee/026469019—Lot 19 Sec 2 Schooner Ridge/$625,000/Improved Residential.

Seagreen Duck Building LLC from Allis Soundside LLC/010046005—Units 5&6 Duck Shoppes/$585,000/Improved Commercial.

Cuna Virginia O Douglas from Hawco George B/010070011—Bld/Uni 2-11 Georgetown Sands/$362,000/Condo.

Outer Banks Retreat LLC from Bays-Fill LLC/010067065—Lot 65 Four Seasons/$2,560,000/Improved Residential.

Veth Andrew H from Gaffney Timothy P/010179000—Lot 48 Poteskeet/$295,000/Improved Residential.



Ust Right Homes LLC from Beaman Stephen L Bankruptcy Tt/012008000—Lot 4 Blk B Indiantown Shrs/$285,000/Judicial Action.

Myers Michael Wayne Sr from Hooker Carol Elizabeth Ttee/011804000—Lot 225 Brigands Bay/$221,000/Improved Residential.

Parker Wesley Etal Carolan Michael W/015009000—Lot O Elevy Manor/$209,000/Improved Residential.

Barclay David A from Keller Louise H Ttee/015187016—Lot 16 Marlin Village/$469,000/Improved Residential.



Mccoy Jason M from Carignan Sharon B/027201000—Metes & Bounds/$644,500/Improved Residential.


Kill Devil Hills

Yarrington Matthew D from Argaman David/028723163—Lot 163 Moor Shores II/$389,000/Improved Residential.

Dream Builders Construction from Fulmore Richard/000906000—Lot 1173 Avalon Beach Anx/$95,000/Vacant Residential.

Turner David Ford Jr from Pratt Fred L III/004975000—Lot 25 Blk E Ocean Acres/$400,000/Improved Residential.

Boyles Austin R from OBX Cottages LLC/000727003—Lot 14R Blk 75 Va Dare Shrs/$360,000/Improved Residential.

Carter Bradley Edward from OBX Cottages LLC/000775012—Lot 12 Blk 77 Va Dare Shrs/$185,000/Vacant Residential.

Schmidtmann Edward Michael from Pierce Ross Lane Executor/001888000—Lot 445 Avalon Beach Anx/$372,900/Improved Residential.

Mcdaniel Walter R Jr from Brewer Stephen G/028722000—Lot 150 Moor Shores II/$336,125/Improved Residential.

Albrecht Christopher from Thrasher Randolph L/002945000—Lt 13 Prt 12&14 Long Lake/$200,000/Improved Residential.

Gay Michael W from MJ Allyanz Enterprise/008286030—Unit 301S Sea Pointe/$460,000/Condo.

Collins Richard T from Gomez-Nichols Laura A/ 000894000—Lot 1156 Avalon Beach Anx/$350,000/Improved Residential.

Stathis Nicolas Peter from Dunning Thomas E/028723147—Lot 147 Moor Shores/$450,000/Improved Residential.

Hughes Barbara from Stapleton Todd A/002502001—Lot 1 Blk 12 Croatan Shores/$367,000/Improved Residential.

O’Bruba Kevin Scott from Hayes Matthew S/004294006—Unit 204 The Victoria Place/$379,999/Condo.

Brewer Stephen Gerald from Austin Matthew Reed/026974000—Lot 42 Sec 3 First Fli Village/$375,000/Improved Residential.

Howell Monte P from Forsdick Randall/002451000—Lot 10 Blk G Sea Holly Ridge/$350,000/Improved Residential.

Snow David Haston from Spencer Matthew J/002285000—Lts 60-61 Sec 2 Wright’s Shrs/$100/Judicial Action.

Hanna Amy Ttee from Haddon Homes Inc/000726027—Lot 27R Blk 74 Va Dare Shrs/$409,900/Improved Residential.

US Bank Trust from Vining Andrew Sub Ttee/003264000—Lot 297 Sec 2 First Fli Vill/$222,181/Foreclosure.


KDH (Outside)

Petrucci Anthony Eusebio from Starling Dustin Shawn/004114000—Lot 39 Sec 1 Baum Bay Hrbr/$285,000/Improved Residential.


Kitty Hawk

Gibbs John E from Rose Mary Penelope/010927000—Lot 6 Blk 25 Sec A Kh Beach/$479,000/Improved Residential.

Sawin David A from Mccrann Florence/018294010—Bld/Uni M4 Sea Dunes/$315,000/Town House.



Turberville Cheryl from Town Of Manteo/024699000—Blk 2 Lot 3 Spaces A&B/$0/Grave Site.

Wood Angella Karleta from Adams Barbara F/025694487—Unit 1234 Ballast Point Villa/$450,000/Condo.

Meekins Gary Page Sr Ttee from Demooy Judy A/024780028—Unit 28 Waterfront Condos/$400,000/Condo.


Manteo (Outside)

Sarlo Ryan F from Haggard Ryder/024645007—Lot 7 Holly Woods/$72,000/Vacant Residential.

Stevens Nathanael Dean from Bristow Allyson Bell/016473000—Lot 6 Roanoke Isl Gardens/$435,000/Improved Residential.

Wagoner Gerald R from Three Broadstrokes LLC/024387000—Lot 15 Sec 1 Mother Vineyard/$410,000/Vacant Residential.


Nags Head

Mccullen Michael G from Newman John Richard Ttee/030237000—Lot 12 Sec 1 Southridge/$383,000/Improved Residential.

Moss Ryan A from Borkat Jarrod Eugene Ttee/007676003—Lot 290 Geo T Stronach/$742,000/Improved Residential.

Forbes Philip IV from South Virginia Dare Trail LLC/031088000—Lot 3 Blk B Pebble Beach Shrs/$774,000/Improved Residential.

Williams Bradley C from Snell Douglas E/007882000—Lot 4 Paul L Gray At Pond Isl/$538,000/Improved Residential.

Burruss Joshua D from Gulley Steven E Ttee/012377001—Lot 1 Blk Bb Nh Shores Rev/$715,000/Improved Residential.

Lewis Vincent M from Lavoie Robert K/024961302—Lot 2 The Wedges/$428,000/Improved Residential.

Dixon Judith from Pink Palace Nags Head NC/007556000—Lot 11 Geo T Stronach/$1,199,450/Improved Residential.



Smith Robert Stephen from Stevens W Glenn/012461000—Lot 2 Sec 2 Wimble Shoals/$75,000/Vacant Residential.



Griffin John T from Innovative Services Inc/012821008—Lot 8 Ph 1 Wind Over Waves/$490,000/Improved Residential.

PBC LLC from Leary Curtis/026439000—Lot 1 Salvo Beach 2/$67,300/Vacant Residential.

Black Charles Christopher Ttee from Weigel Martha Leary/027102000—Lot 14 Salvo Beach 2/$93,000/Vacant Residential.

Streett Michael Turner from Jones David Neal Ttee/012875000—Lot 44 Sec E Hatt Colony/$150,000/Improved Residential.

Davidson Kevin J from Sagan Gregory S/012803000—Lot 26 Wimble Shores/$455,000/Improved Residential.


Southern Shores

Norton Scott from Hawkins Ralph Winston Jr/022770000—Lot 3 Blk 176 S Shrs Soundside/$482,000/Improved Residential.

Milteer Michael J from Ingber Keith Geoffrey/022283000—Lot 41 Blk 106 S Shores/$150,000/Vacant Residential.

Fiul Dan from Howard Pamela Hope/022519040—Lot 29 Blk 129 Sec C S Shores/$655,000/Improved Residential.



Bird Christine L from Sorrells Timothy James/014324202—Lot 2 St Waves Ph 2/$808,000/Improved Residential.

Deutsch Drew Tyler from Conti Richard D/011632000—Lot 9 Sea Isle Hills/$364,000/Improved Residential.

Schiano Victoria A from Fourstock Properties LP/011627216—Lot 16 Sec 2 Sea Isle Hills/$560,000/Improved Residential.







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