Positive news on COVID cases and available doses

By on March 2, 2021

March 2 was a day for optimism as both North Carolina and Dare County officials provided updates on the battle against the COVID pandemic.

Governor Roy Cooper

At a 2 p.m. press briefing, Governor Roy Cooper was upbeat as he declared: “I’m pleased to report that North Carolina’s COVID-19 numbers have declined and remain stable.” On March 2, the state reported 1,239 cases of COVID, the fewest since Oct. 19. Hospitalizations have fallen under 1,400 and the percentage of positive tests reported today remains under 6%, at 5.7%.

Cooper also announced “more good news” with the impending arrival, as soon as March 3, of 80,000 doses of the newly approved Johnson & Johnson’s one-shot COVID vaccines in the state.  And much of the talk at the briefing focused on progress on vaccine distribution.

Starting on March 10, a major FEMA vaccine site will open in Greensboro and, according to Cooper, will provide up to 3,000 shots a day for 8 weeks. North Carolina Health and Human Services Secretary Mandy Cooper added that the federal allotment of vaccine to the state had also been increased, meaning it will receive about 300,000 first doses and 160,000 second doses of vaccine next week.

Cooper explained that starting on March 3, all frontline essential workers — from grocery store workers to first responders — will be eligible to start receiving the vaccine. (Cohen succinctly defined essential workers as those that “cannot be home to do their job”). In addition, the state plans to open vaccine eligibility to the next group — those with medical conditions that put them at the highest risk and individuals in some congregate settings — starting in three weeks on March 24.

“This is a really exciting moment,” said Cohen, summing up the general mood of the briefing.

Anyone who is an Essential Worker can complete the vaccination request form at www.darenc.com/covidvaccine.

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  • sandflea

    Great to hear! This is what real leadership is like. Good to see things getting done unlike under the former guy when there was no plan, hospitals overflowing, barely any vaccines available, 500,000+ dead because of inaction, petty political grievances, etc, etc, etc. Sad to see states like Texas opening up about a month too early. I guess the gov down there needs something to distract from his epic disaster with losing electric power and water and such. Glad we have an actual leader as a governor.

    Wednesday, Mar 3 @ 7:09 am
  • sand flea rake

    Well, there was a plan when trump was in office same plan as now, get shots in as many ppl as you can as the vaccines become available. 415,000 dead when trump left and now 115,000 more under biden with many more coming, are these deaths now all bidens fault? Surely not, politics shouldnt play a part in this. JNJ shots coming out now will surley help save more lives which came from the help of the trump administrations operation warp speed which started may 15,2020. So, to say there was never a PLAN under the last guy is just misinformed. At least trump could find his way off stage after a speech!

    Wednesday, Mar 3 @ 11:58 am
  • Lemonshirt

    NC’s governor and our local health agencies deserve kudos for following CDC advice throughout this epidemic. NC has 10 times the population density of South Dakota, where ZERO restrictions were put into place. You’d think a state as sparsely populated as SD would have a greatly decreased transmission rate. But even so, SD’s death rate as a percentage of the population is double NC’s. (0.2% vs 0.1%)

    That’s not to take away from the hardships that many endured. Hopefully if we can encourage our neighbors to get vaccinated as quickly as possible, we can resume normality.


    Thursday, Mar 4 @ 2:40 pm