Recovering Tatum Love on pace for early discharge

By on March 9, 2021

We are eagerly awaiting the day when these updates will no longer be necessary. But given the outpouring of community concern, prayers and hopes for Tatum Love and her family, we wanted to bring you the latest dose of good news posted on the Caring Bridge site.

Love is the First Flight High School student who is now rehabbing at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta following very serious injuries suffered in a Jan. 26 car accident. Here is the crucial clinical excerpt from the update:

“This past Friday we had the official status report/overview meeting with the Doctor overseeing Tatum’s case…a wildly impressive and accomplished individual…members of her three different therapy/rehab groups and her overall case manager from Shepherd Center. The purpose was to go over where we’ve been, where we are and where we’re headed…timelines, expectations, next steps, etc. Without getting too specific, that meeting went about as well as it could have possibly gone…under the circumstances. The first of the positives was that Tatum is doing so well that we should expect to be discharged sooner than expected. As much as three weeks sooner than some of the initial projections. Her case worker referred to her as a ‘Fast Mover’ and that was impressing her doctors, nurses and therapists with her overall progress. Her doctor let us know that all of her current issues were treatable, addressable and that over time and through continued hard work that we could…and should…see ‘Extraordinary Progress’ across the entirety of her journey to recovery.”





  • NoosaBeachGrille

    Wow! Great news ! Continued prayers and support for full recovery ! #lovetatumlove

    Tuesday, Mar 9 @ 1:21 pm
  • Travis

    These (positive) updates are one of the highlights of the day. After losing so many young people over the years in local tragedies, it’s nice to see one pull through.

    Tuesday, Mar 9 @ 3:15 pm