When Andy was A Face in the Crowd

By on March 18, 2021

(Pioneer Theatre)

Pioneer Theatre Manteo, NC

Pioneer Theater screening A Face in the Crowd, with Andy Griffith in his most unique role. Showing March 19 – 25. Tickets are $7 each. Show Time 7 pm. Concessions are $2 each. Here is the post on the Pioneer Theatre Facebook page.

Tomorrow night, Friday 3/19, we will start A Face in the Crowd. This was Andy Griffith’s first movie, which was released in 1957. In the photo, from left to right Andy Griffith, my Great Uncle Ben Creef, and my Uncle George Creef just before opening day 1957. The boy to the right is Marc Basnight and I can’t remember who the other one is, maybe Saint Claire Tillett. We will be running this movie through Thursday 3/25.








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