Mexican restaurant to move into Rooster’s site

By on March 20, 2021

A family-owned restaurant, Tr3s Tequilas Restaurante Mexicano, is expected to open its doors this summer in the former Rooster’s Southern Kitchen location on U.S. 158 at milepost 8.5 in Kill Devil Hills.

Owners Jose Trochez, Carlos Fernandez and Jesus Angel are leasing the site and plan to renovate it this spring for the summer opening according to Trochez’s daughter, Ashley Trochez. The owners, she said, plan to offer an authentic, elegant Mexican atmosphere and menu.

The three owners come with decades of experience in the restaurant business, Trochez said. Carlos Fernandez of La Fogata in Kitty Hawk and Jesus Angel is owner of El Parian in Elizabeth City.

Rooster’s Southern Kitchen closed for the season at the end of November and shortly after, a sign indicating it was for lease or for sale appeared on the marquee. Last spring, during the first months of the COVID-19 pandemic, Rooster’s offered free weekly Community Suppers for Dare County residents in need.

Before Roosters, the site was home to a Western Sizzlin Restaurant.








  • Joan

    I agree the Woolards who own the building (Roosters and Western Sizzlin)have been generous with community and church in the past. They received revenues for hosting meetings of not for profits for decades. They are also masters at receiving funding for all these efforts and their “generosity”, taking more credit than those who provided the money. Credit should be given to who are never mentioned, for the Covid dinners. They were funded by Patty McKenna–Executive Director of the Outer Banks Relief Foundation, Elisabeth Silverthorne–Executive Director of the Beach Food Pantry, Jenniffer Albanese, Executive Director–Interfaith Community Outreach, Ben Sproul–Town of Kill Devil Hills Mayor, Will Thorp–owner of High Cotton BBQ, Jenny Brinkley with Dare County Social Services, Cori Davies Riddle–owner of Elite Media Agency, Jennifer Murphy–General Manager, Rooster’s Southern Kitchen, Helen Woolard Powell–Visuals By Helen Photography & Graphic Design, and James Woodson, DDS. Be fair.

    Saturday, Mar 20 @ 2:15 pm
  • sandflea

    Isn’t “Tr3” a popular band’s name here?

    Saturday, Mar 20 @ 2:40 pm
  • Tim

    I will gladly go and see how it is.

    Saturday, Mar 20 @ 3:24 pm
  • Elisabeth Silverthorne

    When the bridges closed due to COVID, the Woolards jumped into action and pulled together a team that could help them understand the need; organize a solution; and, ultimately, successfully deliver on a series of free bi-weekly events. I am honored to have been part of that team!

    But, the Woolards personally solicited donations from the community to actually fund those Curbside Suppers. I hesitate to try to name all the sponsors off the top of my head, because that was almost a year ago and I don’t want to leave anyone out. There were so many that were so generous during an exceptionally challenging time.

    Further, all of the funds that were remaining at the end of the dinners in May 2020 were donated to the Beach Food Pantry to continue to feed all of our friends and neighbors in need.

    Even prior to the pandemic, the Woolards hosted special events, Spirits for Giving, that benefitted a different local nonprofit during each of the winter months. They will be missed.

    Saturday, Mar 20 @ 5:37 pm
  • Erin Ricketts

    I miss western sizzlin. Some of the best years of my life were spent there working my tail off 50 60 hours a week serving seafood buffet to as many people as we could get in the door. It was hard work but fun at the same time. It was a ” family” back then. John,Sue ,Jay Lisa Linda. We all worked hard but liked what we did and loved each other. It seems those days are gone for restaurants. It’s like all corporate now and that kind of “family” feeling is gone. So many people worked there too all the locals and the foreign students. It was a great time to be in the resturant business and I will always miss the sizz.

    Sunday, Mar 21 @ 12:26 am
  • Miguel

    I hope they bring “authentic” Mexican food to their restaurant. True staples of the complex Mexican cuisine. Posole, Menudo beef tongue tacos. Show everyone what real Mexican food is. It’s truly a exquisite cuisine when done the way it is meant to be represented authentic.

    Monday, Mar 22 @ 7:25 am
  • WindyBill

    Fogatas’ brings a great heritage to this mix. I sure hope that Mexican style Local seafood is well into the menu, both regular and as daily specials. Did I forget to mention Mexican soups in cold weather? Oh yeah, that too!

    Tuesday, Mar 23 @ 12:28 pm
  • Miguel

    Umm posole and Menudo are staple soups of Mexican cuisine. Most Americans like me thought authentic Mexican food was tex mex i.e food with cheese all over it. Authentic Mexican food rarely contains any cheese. The best tacos al pastor I ever ate was from a “Spit” which every al pastor had in this region of Mexico I was in. Think of greek gyro but instead of lamb its pork. Most delicious tacos ever.

    Wednesday, Mar 24 @ 6:11 am