First Flight soccer advance to third round of the 2020-21 men’s soccer championship tournament

By on March 21, 2021

It was a highly competitive, sometimes physical, game when the two teams took the field.
First Flight head coach Juan Ramirez addresses the team during half time.
First Flight would keep the East Bladen goalkeeper busy throughout the game with numerous shots on goal.
Several players were seen going airborne during the game demonstrating the athleticism of both teams.
It's a scramble for the ball in front of the East Bladen goal.
The East Bladen keeper pleads his case as the referee signals a penality kick.
First Flight captain Tanner Bouker (#7) concentrates before his approach to the ball for a penality kick. Tanner would find the back of the net for the first score of the game.
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A goal by captain Tanner Bouker at the 106 minute mark in overtime launched the First Flight Nighthawks to a 2-1 victory over East Bladen High School and secured a spot at the third round of the men’s state soccer championships.

The game was a hard fought contest by both teams with the other two goals coming off penalty kicks. First Flight (10-0-2) will now face Croatan (15-0).

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