‘Keep Tatum in your thoughts’

By on March 29, 2021

It has been about three weeks since the Voice posted the last update on the condition of Tatum Love, the 17-year-old First Flight High School student who was very seriously injured in late January car accident – and whose battle to recover has clearly touched and moved many in the OBX community.  Since mid-February, she has been at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, a facility that specializes in Traumatic Brain Injury. And her family has continued to provide occasional updates, with one of the messages being her resilience and steps toward recovery.There is another, very personal update posted on the Caring Bridge site on March 29, and we wanted to share a few excerpts.

One highlights Tatum’s strength and attitude during an obviously complex recovery process:
“It may not be a straight line and there have obviously been setbacks and challenges beyond her control but every time she gets knocked down she just gets back up. Climbs back in the ring for another round. All of it with a smile on her face and genuine love in her heart for others.”

The other asks the community to the muster the power of its collective good wishes.
“The next couple of days and weeks present yet another couple of challenges for Tate but they are all positive markers on the road to recovery. We ask you all to keep Tatum in your thoughts and to send just a little more positive energy out into the universe on her behalf.”




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