Nags Head highlights the creativity of its local artists

By on March 30, 2021

Town of Nags Head, NC

We’re resurrecting old wood masts, once used for advertising, as a way to promote and highlight the creativity of its local artists. Many decades ago, local entrepreneur and creative marketer, George Crocker, installed panels on wood masts on South Virginia Dare Trail in Nags Head to advertise his various businesses. The masts have remained unused for several years, until now. The Town of Nags Head’s Committee for Arts and Culture is bringing these masts back to life as a way to display public art provided by local artists interested in donating their time and creativity.

The incredibly creative panel artists are:

  • Kerry Oaksmith-Sanders – lifeguards (see note below about this piece)
  • Taylor Williams – sky/clouds/ocean/sand
  • James Melvin – Glenn Eure (if you haven’t heard of Glenn, be sure to Google him-the “Artful Rogue of the Outer Banks”). RIP Glenn.
  • Rob Snyder – lighthouse

The panels can be found at the following public beach accesses, all of which are in our north end, from north to south: Abalone, Baltic, Blackman, and Bonnett.

Last year, Nags Head artist Kerry Oaksmith-Sanders created the project’s first panel, which pays homage to the lifeguards of yesteryear. Unfortunately, we learned from her panel that we had to retool the masts to make them more durable. The artists still create a panel, but a scan of the piece is taken and then printed onto heavy-duty banner material. This way, if the panel is damaged, we can have another one printed. Lesson learned.





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