Alligator River Refuge Temporary Road Closure

By on April 2, 2021

(Coastal Wildlife Refuge Society)

Due to deteriorating road conditions on parts of Sawyer Lake Road, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has closed the portion of Sawyer Lake Road between Milltail Road and Butler Road. The closure begins today, April 2. Work toward getting the road repaired is underway. But the length of closure is unknown.

Soil beneath Sawyer Lake Road is a peat material that is rotting out and causing numerous portions of the road to cave in, posing a danger to drivers and passengers. What looks like a small surface hole is often quite large below the exterior.

Visitors may use an alternative route by driving further south on Milltail Road to Sandy Ridge Road (first right), Sandy Ridge Road to Butler Road, and then Butler Road back to Sawyer Lake Road.





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