OBX Hospital to move Family Medicine, Urgent Care 

By on April 2, 2021

A draft rendering of the new Outer Banks Family Medicine and Urgent Care Center. Building specifications are in the review and approval process and not yet final.

New comprehensive cancer center also planned

(The Outer Banks Hospital)

The Outer Banks Hospital and Medical Group confirmed today, April 2, that it is planning to move the Family Medicine and Urgent Care Center across the street to a completely renovated building by the end of 2021. Outer Banks Family Medicine — Nags Head will be located on the north side of the building and the Urgent Care Center on the south side.

A statement by a hospital spokesperson said the move will “improve workflow and increase the patient panel for both practices [and] free up the former location which will be demolished so that we can build onto our Radiation Therapy Center and create a brand new 11,000 sq ft comprehensive cancer center to allow all of our cancer services to be together under one roof.”

“We are committed to providing the highest quality, compassionate healthcare services to the Outer Banks community,” the statement added. “This is one more example of our effort to live our mission.”





  • C A Saunders

    Another tremendous commitment to the region that is greatly appreciated. 1st class medical care for all classes, this is real blessing. Thank you to all the folks making this happen.

    Saturday, Apr 3 @ 11:29 am
  • hightider

    That’s great but since there are so many newcomers, they should know that for any serious medical issue they will need to make the long drive to the greater VA Beach area or Greenville NC. Forget about Sentara in Eliz City unless your issue is a routine one. Now that so many new residents are from urban areas with better medical resources, they are advised to set up appointments with medical and dental professionals outside the OBX before they have an emergency and actually need them. Also, check out their license status since NE NC gets a lot of the dregs. I love it here but I didn’t love repeated trips to Vidant in Greenville for routine surgery.

    Saturday, Apr 3 @ 11:41 am
  • WindyBill

    It will ge great to see how much of this is used to justify higher prices.

    Saturday, Apr 3 @ 3:34 pm
  • joey

    It means longer waits for appts to your current doctor and dentist. Unless OBX can attract more/better family physicians it will continue to be a long wait.

    Sunday, Apr 4 @ 5:59 pm
  • hightider

    Hi Joey – the reality is that very few medical professionals work fulltime on the OBX. Most work 2 days there and the rest in Eliz City and Edenton. I did not think to research available health care when I returned here after 30 years in FL. I assumed that with Dare having the highest per capita income in the state, there would be good medical care. I also thought that the greater VA Beach area would have numerous options, which they do. However, I did not know until I drove there that traffic was horrendous, worse than Atlanta or DC. Driving to Greenville is easier, traffic-wise. But to get superior health care, you would have to drive all the way to Durham or Chapel Hill. People who know more than I say that NE NC cannot attract better doctors because the majority of patients are Medicaid.

    Monday, Apr 5 @ 10:08 am
  • Lemonshirt

    Great to see TOBH continue to grow and expand services. Rome wasn’t built in a single day.

    Tuesday, Apr 6 @ 3:35 pm