Corolla Wild Horse Fund introduces Betsy

By on April 6, 2021

(Corolla Wildhorse Fund)

Here’s a nice way to start the day — welcoming Betsy. Here are the details from the Corolla Wild Horse Fund.

“This filly is the third foal of 2021. Her mom is a mare we call M&M and her dad is Rocky. The whole family is doing great – including Betsy’s 3-year-old half-sister and the other 2 mares in the harem. M&M is an experienced mom, but as far as we know this is Rocky’s first foal. Good job Rocky! Betsy is big, feisty, and flashy just like her dad.

Betsy was born not far from where her namesake, Betsy Dowdy, and her Banker mare Bess swam across the Currituck Sound on their journey to warn American troops of British movement in the area during the Revolutionary War.

Thank you to Barbara Haverty Pardue for welcoming me onto her property to see Betsy in person today, and for sharing her family’s long and storied history on the beach. The name Betsy was next on the list for fillies, and the fact that this foal was born in such a special place is much more than just a coincidence.

May you grow up wild and free sweet Betsy, just like your ancestors!”

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  • hightider

    I grew up hearing that story and remember when the only thing we ever called the wild horses were Banker ponies. There have always been strong, independent women in NE NC – Betsy Dowdy, Penelope Barker, Harriet Jacobs, and many more. Good luck to the new filly and thanks for reminding people today of the midnight ride of Betsey Dowdy. BTW, she would have had to cross the Pasquotank River as well as the sound.

    Tuesday, Apr 6 @ 6:44 pm