Ocracoke is site of another fight over beach access

By on April 11, 2021

A newly installed fence and sign along sound front properties are meant to deter trespassers. (Photo: C. Leinbach/Oracoke Observer)

(Ocracoke Observer)

The impassioned battle over beach access rights in Duck emerged back in the public spotlight last week when it was learned that a North Carolina Appeals Court had ruled against plaintiff Bob Hovey in finding that the Sea Breeze Beach access in the Duck subdivision of San Dollar Shores is private, not public property. Within days, Hovey told the Voice that he was planning to challenge that ruling at the North Carolina Supreme Court. Meanwhile, the legally wrangling over the issue of public versus private beach access has spurred passions on both sides and led to spirited debates on social media.

That’s why this recent editorial in the Ocracoke Observer seems so relevant, even to the northern beaches. In a broader call for finding new ways to address community problems, the author cites, as a catalyst for this discussion, a beach access controversy heightened by the decision of a lot owner to put a chain link fence around the property.

Read the Ocracoke Oberserver editorial here: The Fencing of Ocracoke




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