NC, Dare County to pause J&J COVID vaccinations

By on April 13, 2021


The State of North and Dare County are heeding the guidance of the CDC and FDA, which have recommended a pause in the use of the Johnson & Johnson (J&J) one-shot COVID vaccine after six reported cases of “a rare and severe type of blood clot” in women between the ages of 18 and 48. Thus far, nearly seven million doses of the J&J vaccine have been administered in the U.S.

An April 13 statement from the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services stated that, “Our primary concern is the health and safety of all North Carolinians, which is why out of an abundance of caution, we are following the recommendations and are immediately suspending administration of Johnson & Johnson…until we learn more. Recognition of these events in a timely manner is a sign of our system working. We will provide more information as it becomes available.”

For her part, Dare County Department of Health and Human Services Director Sheila Davies told the Voice that, “We were scheduled to have a J&J vaccine clinic this Saturday. We will be offering a Pfizer vaccine clinic instead.”

Separately, Vidant Health issued a statement, saying, “Vidant planned to administer the Johnson & Johnson vaccine this week at various locations but is pausing, per guidance from the federal government. Vidant has enough Pfizer and Moderna allocation available to ensure we can accommodate vaccinations.

Importantly, Vidant has not seen any serious side effects or complications from any Johnson & Johnson doses given via our vaccination program. The vaccine offers our greatest hope in the fight against COVID-19, and we encourage people to receive their vaccine as soon as possible.”





  • sandflea

    Adverse Side Effects:

    J & J COVID vaccine has 6 cases in 7,000,000; which is 0.00000086%

    Advil (Ibuprofen) has between 4%-16% gastrointestinal side effects.

    Flu vaccine is around 20%.

    Doxycycline (antibiotic) is 4%-33%

    Tuesday, Apr 13 @ 11:00 am
  • Dethrol

    Simply not enough due diligence before this and the other shots were foisted upon a desperate citizenry. Risk analysis: a 99% survival rate that is statistically and scientifically undisputed versus unknown short and long term complications from substances injected into your body that were and are exempt from governmental and industry standards for safety and surety.

    Tuesday, Apr 13 @ 11:26 am
  • Mike P

    Over 560,000 dead in the US and a very few people may have problems from a vaccine that is 100% effective against death.
    For the mathematician that spouts the numbers do the math on that…. explain to us all how over 560,000 deaths in a year extrapolates into that “ risk analysis”
    Also include the “risk analysis” for all the complications people have after Surviving Covid.
    Again 560,00 dead!! And thousands who didn’t die are still suffering.
    The vaccine is not a conspiracy it’s a solution to this tragic problem.


    Tuesday, Apr 13 @ 7:15 pm
  • Southern Dawn

    I believe most of the points above are valid. I also believe that other countries are effectively treating Covid and the mortality rate with other forms of less expensive treatment. Data for adverse side effects from all vaccines won’t be readily available for up to 5 years when extensive clinical studies are completed and the vaccines are fully approved by the FDA for use. In the mean time, there are also valid arguments for vaccine hesitancy based on not enough information for “healthy” individuals to legal ones with life insurance companies . I’m not sure the first two commenters indicated the vaccine was a conspiracy. My elderly family members have take the vaccinations. My 84 year old aunt in Frederick, MD took the vaccines so she could have a sub-cutaneous defibrillator implant as her EF was below 30% and she was at high risk of sudden cardiac death. She has now contracted Covid in the rehabilitation center. I hope the vaccine with prevent her from dying. My uncle is one of the 560,000 dead. What continues to sadden me greatly, is that his wife of 56 years could not be with him as he lay dying nor could his children. If family members, or just the spouse, have proper PPE, provided at their own cost, why are they not allowed inside the hospital room? Where is the risk in that? No one should have to die alone. Very tragic.

    Wednesday, Apr 14 @ 4:37 pm
  • sandflea

    Southern Dawn;
    The point I was making using a couple data points was to show that the vaccine is safe. The corona type SARS virus’ have been extensively studied for over 14 years. This isn’t some new, unstudied science. My point, which seems to have been missed is that there are other medications, vaccinations that people take everyday with no hesitation whatsoever that have a much higher risk of side effects.

    Wednesday, Apr 14 @ 5:14 pm
  • Mike P.

    Finding a solution to end anyone dying alone would be most amazing.
    Not only for patient and their families but for the heath care workers that it has become part of their daily life. Some of these people that are committed to providing heath care are also going to be permanently scarred.
    Too many people are suffering on all sides.
    And to make a point as respectfully as possible if a shot in the arm can prevent death none of us will have to die alone.
    No mandates just do what’s right for you

    PS I was very moved by Southern Dawn’s comment. I wish the best for her family.


    Wednesday, Apr 14 @ 5:47 pm
  • Southern Dawn

    With your medication side effects, you actually made my point. As side effects are clearly listed on OTC and prescription drugs, people have the information available to make an informed decision whether to take it or not. Those side effects are from long term clinical data. I agree that coronaviruses have been studied extensively as they have been around in one form or another for a long time. What has not been extensively studied is the completely new technology in two of the three vaccines so the full range of side effects will not be available for many years to make an informed decision, thus the vaccine hesitancy. Currently, the only side effects that are given to people being vaccinated are the side effects from the injections themselves thus the pause on the J&J and AstraZeneca in other countries. Hopefully soon, public officials will announce we are no longer in a pandemic but Covid is here to stay. It will be endemic, just like the flu.

    @Mike P I agree. Too much suffering for everyone. You’re very kind. Thank you. Peace.

    Wednesday, Apr 14 @ 11:01 pm