Large Wanchese fire extinguished, no injuries

By on April 19, 2021

Update April 19 at 9:25 pm: According to Steve Kovacs, Dare County Fire Marshal, the fire at the junkyard, which was confined to debris and scrap metal, resulted in no injuries nor damage to buildings. The first call came in at about 2:30 p.m., and by 6 p.m., the site was cleared. The fire did go to a second alarm, and among those responding were firefighters from Roanoke Island, Manns Harbor, Nags Head, Kill Devil Hills, Colington, Southern Shores and personnel from the North Carolina Forestry Service. Dare EMS was on the scene as well.

(Photo credit: Amy Baum)

Kovacs said the fire has been ruled accidental and no further investigation is required.

April 19 at 3:21 pm: There is currently an active fire at 97 Davis Landing in Wanchese. According to a person in the vicinity, the location is a scrap yard and explosions have been heard. Firefighters from Manns Harbor and Roanoke Island are reported to be on the scene with additional reports that Nags Head firefighters have also arrived. More details as they become available.





  • Tim

    Station 17 is dealing with a fire at the recycle place in Wanchese. It is a large pile of junk on fire and they are using an excavator to get to it. Nothing out of control it sounds like on the scanner.

    Monday, Apr 19 @ 4:04 pm
  • Tom

    Thank you to all the fireman, volunteer and paid along with police etc..who arrived on scene to help extinguish this fire. Live rt down road from it but unfortunately my health issues didn’t let me get out to see it myself but Def heard it on scanner and engines outside going by. Class D delta fire (I.e. burning metal) can be extremely dangerous if not handled properly. Certain metals can actually got so hot they could combust like a explosion, Def more when cold water hits it and the transfer of heat to cold is quick. Why they usually use powder form stuff like what they use in a pkp powder fire extinguisher used in class b fires for kitchens say when have a oil or grease fire on stove etc… A lot and mean a lot of credit and respect goes to all the fireman and first responders who attacked that fire to keep all around safe and to do it professionally were it didn’t get out of hand and spread to the homes rt next to the scrap yard. Thankfully nothing bad happened beside the fire and there was no types of metal that could combust in that pile. We need to thank our first responders more often like police, fireman, paramedics etc,,people don’t think about what exactly they do everyday and the horrible things they may have to do or see just to keep us all safe everyday. Some people may only see death when a family member passes but think about some of the accidents or fires or calls all these police, fireman, paramedics go thru all the time. And our guys who also work other jobs and volunteer to do this on off time go thru it as well. We talk about ptsd for our military but don’t hear it about our first responders who see just as much horror at times. They all deserve our respect and thanks. The ones who serve today and the ones who got older or hurt and can’t anymore. Thank you for what you do and who you are as well as your family who supports you when you have those bad days.

    Wednesday, Apr 28 @ 7:05 pm