Pasquotank Sheriff will ask court to release shooting video pending SBI assurance

By on April 24, 2021


In a video posted this afternoon, Pasquotank County Sheriff Tommy Wooten II announced he will ask a judge to release body camera footage of the fatal April 21 shooting of Andrew Brown Jr. in Elizabeth City if the State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) assures them such a release will not hamper its investigation.

In a brief two-and-a-half-minute video released on April 24, Wooten said he has “asked the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation to confirm to me the releasing of the video will not undermine their investigation. Once I get that confirmation, our county will file a motion in court, hopefully Monday, to have the footage released.” The SBI is currently conducting the investigation into the shooting.

Since the April 21 incident, pressure has quickly built for a public release of the body camera footage, with law enforcement agencies stating that under North Carolina law, it can only be made public by court order. In an emergency meeting on April 23, the Elizabeth City Council unanimously voted to send a formal letter seeking the release of the footage to Wooten’s office, the SBI and District Attorney Andrew Womble and then to send it to Superior Court if the request was denied by the law enforcement agencies.

Also in the April 24 video, Pasquotank County Chief Deputy Daniel Fogg announced that the Pasquotank County Sheriff’s Office has asked the North Carolina Sheriffs’ Association to appoint outside personnel to come to Pasquotank “to do an internal affairs investigation of everyone involved in the incident…to see if any disciplinary action needs to be taken.” It has been widely reported that seven Pasquotank deputies have been place on administrative leave and that two more have resigned and one has retired since the shooting incident.

“We know people want answers,” said Wooten in the video. “We know you are angry.” And he concluded by saying, “We want transparency, accountability and peace.”

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  • OBX discussion

    They do not need a judge’s order to release it. They can just release it if they choose to. This is nonsense. It is evasive. Just release it.

    Saturday, Apr 24 @ 9:02 pm
  • obx-joe

    “Will release body camera video if SBI assures that it will not hamper investigation”. Could this mean that the release of what ACTUALLY happened could interfere with the “facts” that might be thought up by an investigative team? Exactly how will a judge determine that SBI could be compromised by the release of video from equipment funded and owned by the public?

    Sunday, Apr 25 @ 8:31 am
  • Dethrol

    Releasing the footage without a court order violates NC General Statute 132, enacted in 2016. It’s against the law, period. Anarchy is a terrible suggestion and not the answer.

    Sunday, Apr 25 @ 11:57 am
  • Obxkdh

    It is my opinion, and we all know, everyone has an opinion…
    If everything the police did was up to par and complied with serving a search warrant standards, we would not be having any conversations and/ or protests about this matter.
    If things went well during the search warrant, there wouldn’t be a need to “release” any footage.
    So I believe something went awry.
    Guess we will all find out Monday. Hopefully.
    I’m hoping it was justified, because it sickens me to take steps forward, only to take leaps backwards. Praying for a good outcome and resolution.

    Monday, Apr 26 @ 2:26 am
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