FFHS’ Lansing is Dare County’s Principal of the Year

By on April 28, 2021

Keith Parker, Secondary School Director; Sandy Kinzel, Assistant Superintendent; Chuck Lansing, First Flight High School Principal; John Farrelly, Superintendent.

(Dare County Schools)

First Flight High School’s Chuck Lansing has been named Dare County School’s Principal of the Year. In his third year as an administrator at First Flight High School, Lansing first served as assistant principal.

His peers noted the following when recommending he receive this recognition:

“Chuck has done a great job navigating the challenges we’ve all faced, and some additional ones within his school family over the past year.  He’s gracious in sharing his building with the district and community.”

“Chuck is an extremely hard-working administrator who is data-driven and does what’s best for kids.  He collaborates with others to problem-solve issues that arise.  When brainstorming, he’s an ‘out-of-the-box thinker’ and willing to try something different to get away from the status quo.”

“Mr. Lansing is an innovative problem-solver and effective communicator.  He remains calm, carefully analyzes situations, and seeks input from others in developing the best course of action to resolve challenges.  Once a decision is made, he leverages various communication platforms to keep students, staff, and community stakeholders informed.  He demonstrates his leadership in the way he develops leadership skills in others.”




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