Thanks, Outer Banks! A Celebration of Gratitude

By on May 2, 2021

First Flight Rotary

First Flight, Kitty Hawk and Manteo Rotary Clubs and The Outer Banks Hospital and Medical Group have teamed up to supportĀ Thanks, Outer Banks! throughout our region.Ā Thanks, Outer Banks! is a Celebration of Gratitude, May 9 – 15, encouraging businesses, citizens, and community groups to come together and thank everyone on the Outer Banks who is helping us get through the COVID pandemic. We are a GRATEFUL COMMUNITY and encourage Outer Banks citizens and businesses to show and visibly express their gratitude for anyone who helped keep us all safe, fed, clothed, fueled, connected, schooled, with water & power, and so on.

What Can I do to Say ā€œThanks, Outer Banks!ā€

Whatever you like! PleaseĀ download PDFĀ and share ideas and resources for citizens and business to say,Ā ā€œThanks, Outer Banks!ā€

Another way to show “Thanks!” to all the people who helped you through the pandemic? Put up ribbons the Color of Gratitude (magenta/dark pink) at your home or business.

Here are just a few ideas and resourcesā€¦
  • Everyone: As you go about your daily lives, hand out notes of thanks to everyone who has helped you this past year. Here are freeĀ ā€œThanks, Outer Banks! note cardsĀ that you can useā€¦or make up your own!
  • Businesses: If you have an outdoor sign, please put upĀ ā€œThanks, Outer Banks!ā€Ā or another phase of gratitude during May 9-15 proclaiming your thanks to all who are helping us get through the pandemic.
  • See more ideas for businesses here [link to pdf ā€“ Thanks Outer Banks Ideas for Businesses]
  • Homes and Businesses ā€“ Please light up your home or business with lights and ribbons in the Color of Gratitude (deep pink/magenta) during May 9-15 showing your thanks to all who are helping us get through the pandemic.
  • What about ribbons on your vehicles and mailboxes that week?
  • Change out your front door lights to the Color of Gratitude.
  • Use Color of Gratitude floodlights on your home or business.
  • We STRONGLY urge people to use local suppliers for lights, ribbons and other supplies, but scroll down toĀ ā€œRibbonsā€Ā orĀ ā€œLightsā€Ā for online sources.

Need more info?

First Flight Rotary is glad to help, visit their website to learn more about Thanks, Outer Banks!:




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