Dare County Land Transfers

By on May 5, 2021



April 22 to April 28, 2021 


Chromik Christopher C from Farrell & Family Construction/014822301—Site 2 Kinnakeet Shrs Ph 16/$435,000/Improved Residential.

Koppenaal William Jr from Dufort Paul/031018015—Lot 1005 Kinnakeet Shrs Ph 10/$55,000/Vacant Residential.

Liner Brent S from Dorn James D/014822075—Lot 1213 Kinnakeet Shrs Ph 12/$350,000/Improved Residential.

Silk Jeffrey A from Costa Patricia A Admin Estate/017414001—Lot 1 Wallace & Ann Beckham/$675,000/Improved Residential.

Bartell John T from Taylor Donald R/014822281—Lot 1911 Kinnakeet Shrs/$35,000/Vacant Residential.



Serrano Thomas from Boogie Fish Property/017246000—Lot 1 Blk 4 Tower Beach/$650,000/Improved Residential.



Schroeder Eric from Stembridge Daniel Ronald/030739000—Lot 82 Sec B Watersedge/$97,500/Vacant Residential.

Smith Brent from Colington Ventures/019874000—Lot 124 Sec M Col Harbour/$626,000/Improved Residential.

Sitdikov Dinar from Southwood Management/020610002—Lot 47 Sec U Col Harbour/$340,000/Improved Residential.

Campbell Joseph Kerns from Colington Pointe/018697092—Uni/Bld 206B-A Col Pointe/$319,000/Condo.

Parrish David Keith Sr from Byrum Lloyd E Sr/020265000—Lot 112 Sec Q Col Harbour/$260,000/Improved Residential.

Ortiz Edwin Jr from Bryant Brock/018767012—Lot 12 Colingwood/$259,900/Improved Residential.

Basnight Jennifer C from Saintsing Patricia/019261000—Lot 87 Sec E Col Harbour/$275,000/Improved Residential.



Elrefai Mohammed from Hermes Jihad G/026469092—Lot 92 Schooner Ridge II/$859,000/Improved Residential.

Reed Christopher C from Benton Jeffrey D/010033014—Lot 14 Cc Byrum/$930,000/Improved Residential.

Pirrung Christopher Manley from Jones Stephen L/028302000—Lt 21Pt20 Blk 6 Martins Pt/$1,310,000/Improved Residential.

Haymore Todd P from Lewis Richard B Co Ttee/009402000—Lot 33 Sanderling Ph 1/$500,000/Family Deed.

Gandhi Nikhil from Gwaltney Todd J/009849000—Lot 14 Blk F Bayberry Bluff W/$790,000/Improved Residential.


East Lake

Cochran Amanda M from Hatchell David Lynn/017544021—Lot 21 Laurel Bay/$245,000/Improved Residential.



Hezel Richard F II from White Charles T/025085021—Lot 21 Brignds Bay/$36,000/Vacant Residential.

Paddack Martin Andres from Burbank Deane Arthur Co T/015029005—Lot 88 Kinnakeet Shores Ph 1/$625,500/Improved Residential.

Fargione Anthony James from Husted Kenneth L Jr/015301000—Lot 17 Shoresurf/$400,000/Improved Residential.

Cole Richard Barry from Neborsky Francis L/014878024 & 014878014/$115,000/Vacant Residential.

Diehl John M from Epping Marylin F/000507007—Lot 7 Hatt Landing Ph 1/$2,375,000/Improved Residential.

Straniere Luke A from Adams Kathleen Beard/016091000—Lot 20 Sec 1 Hatt Estates/$264,000/Improved Residential.

Saga Construction Inc from Hatteras Island Ocean Center I/016060002—Multi-Parcel/$1,119,000/Vacant Residential.

Munoz Nelson R from Haynie Kelly M/016032000—Apartment 14 Ocean Dunes/$168,000/Condo.

Whitaker Dwayne K from Macneil Donald P/016066018—Lot 18 Summerplace/$537,000/Improved Residential.


Kill Devil Hills

Kerr Sallie Davis from Smith Terry Eure/009125000—Lot 127 Moore Shores/$519,000/Improved Residential.

Mcnicholas Jeremy from Burnette Michael B/008232004—Lot 8 Blk Bb Kd Beach Extn/$412,000/Improved Residential.

Wilson Jamie Wallace from Carson Rita A/000684000—Lts 38-40 Blk 59 Va Dare Shrs/$260,000/Improved Residential.

Hummer Steven C Jr from Tracy Lisa Kay/000234000—Lot 135 Orville Beach W/$375,000/Improved Residential.

Charanne LLC from Blake Cheryl L Ttee/003182000—Lt 26 Blk D Sec 2 Croatan Shrs/$640,000/Improved Residential.

Spalding Harrison from Spalding Rebecca/001395000—Lot 692 Avalon Beach Anx/$210,000/Family Deed.

Thach Lee G from Grimes Alyssa Walters/026958000—Lot 15 Sec 3 First Flight Vill/$370,000/Improved Residential.

Halbig Michael from Mathews John T Jr/003798000—Lot 15 Blk 32 Kh Shrs Rev/$424,900/Improved Residential.

Johnson Rhonda R from Johnson Gregory K/004538000—Lot 8 Blk 42 Kdh Realty Corp/$131,000/Mobile Home Included.

Hatch Jacob from OBX Cottages/000729012—Lot 12R Blk 76 Va Dare Shrs/$459,900/Improved Residential.

Bernard Bradford J from Etheridge Barbara H Ttee/000494000—Lts 26-28 Blk 29 Va Dare Shrs/$278,000/Improved Residential.

O’Reilly Patrick from The Ark International Church/004389002—Lot 8 Blk 19 Kdh Realty Corp/$121,000/Vacant Residential.

Cooper Jason A from Estevane Mario A/008421001—Lot 14 Blk C Ocean Acres Tr 3/$400,000/Improved Residential.

Partin Thomas M from Partin Thomas M/001881000—Int-Lt 437 Avalon Beach Anx/$180,000/Improved Residential.

Anies Gustav F from Cerrato Mark L/000714000—Lts 13-15 Blk 70 Va Dare Shrs/$490,000/Improved Residential.

Hardley Gary from Juhl Chad W/008147204—Unit 2D Station One/$249,900/Condo.


KDH (Outside)

Ridenour Matthew Dale from Diver Roydan S/004115000—Lot 40 Sec 1 Baum Bay Harbor/$425,000/Improved Residential.


Kitty Hawk

Page Scott from Etheridge Oliver/018226008—Lot 8 Sec 1 Keepers Hill/$182,500/Vacant Residential.

Zoschg Eric from Barlow Steven C Ttee/018503000—Lot 30 Kitty Dunes East/$719,000/Improved Residential.

Wechselblatt Eric Scott from Mehallick Gregory Edward/028396000—Metes & Bounds/$645,000/Improved Residential.

Rohe Regina Ann from Reed Andrew K Jr/017775703—Unit 703 Sandpiper Cay/$220,000/Condo.

Harris Brandon K from Styons Wade Marshall Jr/010438000—Lot 525 Sec 1 Sea Scape/$399,900/Improved Residential.



Williams Danny R from Sevila Robert E/025694495—Lot 112 Village Landing/$695,000/Improved Residential.

Bajno Alice J from Midgett Myrdith Mae/024534000—Lt B-2 Myrdith Midgett Recom/$320,000/Improved Residential.

Jesch Frank V from Baer Mack III Ttee/029991094—Slip 94 Pirates Cove/$42,000/Boat Slip.

Logue Claire Bernadette from Truswood Properties/025694413–Lot 55 Ph 1 Vill Landings/$750,000/Improved Residential.


Manteo (Outside)

Antinucci Michael A from Hampton Steve R/016262000—Lot 6 Sec 1 Brakewood/$440,000/Improved Residential.

Pedersen Lynne Braisted from Hill Michael David/024423024—Lot 23 Croatan Woods/$110,000/Vacant Residential.

Blum Charles E from Gery Michael/016192002—Lot B Harry Thomas Division/$865,000/Improved Residential.

Baram Olga from Avery Sheanetta Ttee/ 022995000—Tract Deed Bk 859 Pg 308/$420,000/Improved Residential.


Nags Head

Hill Brent P from Maples Darrell W/005813000—Lot 9 Blk 1 Vista Colony Pl/$285,000/Improved Residential.

Tazza Thomas S from Gerber Vicki Lynn/006968104—Unit 104 The Yachtsman/$405,000/Condo.

Tyree Diana L from Peterson Scott A/007834001—Lt 5 Blk Nine Amen Bodie Isle/$850,000/Improved Residential.

Farrell Gail H from Simmons James M/026815000—Lot 22 Blk 9 Sec 2 Nh Shrs Amn/$425,000/Improved Residential.

Gibson Christine D from Fary William Daniel Sr Ttee/011403000—Bld/Uni O6 The Villas/$265,000/Condo.

Pond Eric M from Nags Head Group/016551086—Lot 386 George T Stronach/$240,000/Vacant Residential.

Miller Ashleigh from Miller Paul W/005662000—Lot 3 Sec 1 Conch Shell Est/$530,000/Improved Residential.

Goheen Michael from Nags Head Holdings/029686112—Bls/Uni 2-104 Sugar Creek/$348,000/Condo.

Globevest Capital Real Est LP from Davis Douglas T/006958000—Lot 23 Blk 2 Bodie Isl Beach/$1,865,000/Improved Residential.

Scanlon Mark F from Beattie Robert A Ttee/007902000—Lot 7 Seabird Beach/$395,600/Improved Residential.

Hicks Morris W III from King James Lee/006392000—Lot 82 Sec D Old Nh Cove/$715,000/Improved Residential.

Preston Bryan Keith from Bestafka Robert T/030235000—Lot 10 Sec 1 Southridge/$446,007/Improved Residential.

Sulewski Stacey L from Huse Nancy R/030781000—Lot 23 Hills Of Nags Head/$374,750/Improved Residential.

Schwartz Raymond L from Owens Berl V/006422000—Lot 30 Sec C Old Nh Cove/$400,000/Improved Residential.

Sullivan Paul John from Rose Ashley N/009203064—Lot 64 Kitty Dunes Estates/$530,000/Improved Residential.



Gingras Michel P from Waves Village LLC/012815006—Bld/Uni C26 Waves Village/$440,000/Condo.

Goddard Casey S from Smith Jessica/012766000—Lot 30 Trade Winds Beach/$450,000/Improved Residential.

Howell Harold G from Glenn Paul/011475000—Lot 41 Corbina Shores/$79,000/Vacant Residential.

OBX Real Estate Holdings LLC from Winn Raymond J/012628000—Lot D Rowan Beach Est/$790,000/Improved Residential.

Rennie Patrick from Meyer James P/000  012458—Lot 23 Sec 3 Mirlo Beach/$810,000/Improved Residential.



Harvey Jason from Willoughby Barry M/012821021—Lot 21 Wind Over Waves/$741,000/Improved Residential.


Southern Shores

Deguet Auton from Mansfield Mark T/021487000—Lot 35 Blk 74 S Shrs Beach/$490,000/Improved Residential.

Ross Mary K from Sowder Donald D/022519069—Lot 13 Mallard Cove Amnd/$350,000/Improved Residential.

McConnell Helene R from Nicole McConnell Hrescak/022383049—Lot 49 Chicahauk/$382,000/Family Deed.



Parks Aimee Caryn from Carl Worsley & Associates/011633000—Lot 10 Sec 3 Sea Isle Hills/$452,165/Improved Residential.

South Jerry Lee from Trapp Stephen D/014324129—Lot 29 St Waves Ph 1/$540,000/Improved Residential.




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