Currituck has new re-entry permit system for business

By on May 10, 2021

(Currituck County)

With Governor Roy Cooper declaring May 9-15 Hurricane Preparedness Week, Currituck County announced on May 10 that it is implementing a new system for dispensing re-entry permits needed by businesses after hurricane or other evacuations.

Here is the release.

Currituck County Emergency Management is implementing a more efficient system for issuing reentry permits to Corolla businesses in time for the 2021 hurricane season. A new web address, provides a one-stop shop for local businesses to obtain reentry permits for their employees. These permits are necessary to enter Corolla after an evacuation of the Outer Banks.

Following an evacuation, reentry into Corolla is performed in a tier system. Priority I (Essential Personnel) and Priority II (Critical Businesses) both require employees to display Currituck County reentry permits at law enforcement checkpoints. Critical businesses allowed in Priority II must be physically located in Corolla or transient in Corolla or Carova Beach.

On, each business must complete the online permit application. Once an application is approved by Currituck County Emergency Management, permits will be sent via email to the business. This eliminates the need for paper applications and mailing paper reentry permits, thereby saving time for businesses and money for the county. With this improved efficiency, Emergency Management staff can devote more time to situational tasks during a hurricane or other critical event that might require an evacuation.

Reentry permits expire annually on April 30. Businesses are advised to secure their permits well before the start of hurricane season, which is recognized as June 1. For complete details, please visit Anyone with questions regarding the reentry process may contact Currituck County Emergency Management at 252-232-2115.




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  • Susie

    Hopefully this year Dare and Currituck will get together and discuss reentry. Currituck should not be allowed to pass through Dare until Dare is open. Until that happens the folks headed to Currituck are tourists to Dare and not supposed to be here. Both counties need to come up with a useable plan that takes care of these situtions.

    Monday, May 10 @ 12:10 pm