NC still leads all states in gas station outages

By on May 16, 2021


According to the data provided by GasBuddy Guy Patrick De Haan, as of noon on May 16, North Carolina remains the state with highest percentage of gas stations that are out of fuel – at 58%. Next comes South Carolina at 48% and Georgia at 44%. Washington D.C., however, is in a class by itself with 80% of its gas stations empty.

“Based on GasBuddy data,” De Haan tweeted, “the epicenter of restoration efforts appears to be North Carolina at present time.”

Anecdotally, gas supplies in Dare County appear to be hit or miss at this point, with stations open one day and closed the next. With all the necessary caveats and the understanding that things can change quickly, you can check on supply at




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  • Just Sayin

    At least we’re number one in something. Building it back better

    Sunday, May 16 @ 7:19 pm