The Tatum Love news everybody wanted to hear

By on May 18, 2021

Tatum surrounded by friends back on the OBX. (Photo credit: Summer Tonnesen/Caring Bridge)

The best news first. Tatum Love is back home. The First Flight High School junior, who was very seriously injured in a Jan. 26 car accident, has just returned to the Outer Banks after a courageous and determined fight to recover that included multiple surgeries and a stint at the renowned Shepard Center in Atlanta, known for its expertise in traumatic brain injury.

Throughout that journey, posts made on the Caring Bridge site kept friends, well-wishers and the broader community updated on Tatum’s hard-won progress without ignoring the formidable challenges posed by that struggle.

In an email, Tatum’s parents, Lorrie and Billy Love, expressed their joy at having Tatum back home and noted that she will continue with her therapy there. They also wanted to be sure to let people know that “Our family is so grateful and appreciative of everything this community is and has done for us and on our behalf.”





  • Bud

    So glad she is continuing recovery to whole again. Much Love.

    Folks, Wear Your Seatbelt!

    Tuesday, May 18 @ 6:57 am
  • lippy

    Happy news. God Bless her.

    Tuesday, May 18 @ 8:27 am
  • Miguel

    This is such uplifting and happy news for Tatum, the Love family, and all of those who enjoy such a positive story. I don’t know Tatum but l can imagine her efforts to recover from the accident required plenty of courage and strength from her and tremendous diligence and coordination from her medical teams. Tatum, I hope that your journey back to full health won’t take much longer. May those friends who surround you in that photo continue to lift you up and hold you in their arms. All of their prayers have been answered.
    Every smile says so!

    Tuesday, May 18 @ 9:04 am
  • Tennille

    The BEST news- 💕

    Tuesday, May 18 @ 9:37 am
  • Pamela Patteson

    Tatum, You had a whole community of people you do not know praying and pulling for you. You are a strong, courageous young lady. You’re an inspiration to all of us. So glad to hear this wonderful news!!

    Tuesday, May 18 @ 10:34 pm

    Welcome home !

    Wednesday, May 19 @ 6:33 am