Three Dare County Employees Receive Service Pins

By on June 7, 2021

Three Dare County employees were recognized with a service pin presentation at the Dare County Board of Commissioners meeting that was held at 9 a.m. on Monday, June 7, 2021.

Larry “Shawn” Hughes, who serves as fleet maintenance superintendent for the Dare County Public Works Department, was recognized with a service pin commemorating his 25 years of service to Dare County.

Hughes began his career with Dare County as a mechanic for the Public Works Department. His talent for mechanical work was quickly recognized, as was his ability to tackle complex computer problems and diagnose various shop issues. Hughes was soon promoted to supervisor and took on many additional responsibilities. Most recently, he was promoted to the position of fleet maintenance superintendent. According to Hughes’ colleagues, “Through the years, he has become the go-to”guy for any obstacle the shop faces. Shawn’s easy-going personality and natural talent make him a great asset to Public Works.”

Two employees who work for the Dare County Sheriff’s Office were also honored with service pins at the June 3, 2021, Board of Commissioners meeting.

Lorie Fitzgerald, who serves as the office manager for the Dare County Sheriff’s Office, was recognized with a service pin commemorating her 20 years of service. Fitzgerald started her career at the Dare County Sheriff’s Office as an office support specialist and was promoted to office manager in 2010.

She is the office agency coordinator for the state of North Carolina’s division of criminal information and is responsible for the agency compliance of records. Fitzgerald holds seven specialty state certifications to accomplish her tasks, and she is tested on six of them every two years in order to retain these certifications. Additional tasks that Fitzgerald performs include completing the account deposits for submission to finance and working on operational activity reports and incident report quality reviews.

According to her colleagues, “Lorie efficiently handles many tasks and does a great job in keeping the office records accurate. We all appreciate Lorie’s willingness to help in completing a myriad of tasks and statistical reports.”

Troy Coltrain, an investigator for the Dare County Sheriff’s Office, was recognized with a service pin commemorating his 15 years of service to Dare County. Coltrain was assigned as a road patrol deputy when he first began with the Dare County Sheriff’s Office and worked in the Manteo district. Due to his interest in working on investigations, he then moved to the criminal investigation unit of the Dare County Sheriff’s Office, where he began to work crime scenes. Coltrain has been sent to many evidence schools, which has made him proficient in being able to identify latent prints and to compare them for identification for various crimes.

According to his colleges, “Not only is Troy a big hit with us, but Troy has given a lot of time and talent to coaching baseball in his home county of Tyrrell. He encourages young men to work hard to excel in the sport they love. He has been a mentor to many, and we are proud of him for these efforts outside the Sheriff’s Office as well. Troy is a true asset to our office, and we look forward to several more years of having him around.”




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