Coast Guard, Dare EMS aid injured boater

By on June 14, 2021

U.S. Coast Guard Oregon Inlet

This was posted on U.S. Coast Guard Oregon Inlet facebook page.

22-foot Grady White with three people onboard attempted to cross the bar around 0730 on Monday, June 14 when they encountered an unexpected four-foot breaking wave which sent the boat airborne. A passenger on the boat lost his balance and was thrown forward from the impact. As a result, the boat returned to the fishing center, where the owner of the vessel asked nearby Coast Guard members for help.

An EMT from the station quickly arrived on scene to administer aid. Dare County EMS arrived shortly after to help extract the passenger who had sustained upper body injuries. He was taken to the Outer Banks Hospital. Again we’d like to thank Dare county EMS for their urgent response to provide a higher level of care for this individual in need.

Mariners are also reminded to read the NWS weather conditions or to call STA Oregon Inlet at 252-415-6260 or VHF Channel 16 for current conditions of the inlet/bar. If you plan to cross the bar, be prepared for the possibility for calm waters to turn into breaking waves without warning and to wear life jackets while crossing.




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  • Ol Cheebs

    Unexpected wave…on Oregon Inlet bar?
    After the weather we had on Sunday….Unexpected?

    Wednesday, Jun 16 @ 5:15 am