83 cases of COVID reported in Dare County

By on July 27, 2021

After new CDC guidance, Dare BOE meeting moved back to Aug 5.

Update: Dare County Schools Superintendent John Farrelly has announced that in light of the new July 27 CDC recommendation that all K-12 students and staff wear face coverings regardless of vaccination status, the July 29 Board of Education meeting to address such issues has been moved back to Aug. 5 at 5 p.m.


The July 27 COVID-19 update from the Dare County Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) reflects the surge of cases in much of the nation and comes on the same day the CDC recommended mask wearing for all K-12 students and staff in the coming school year.

There were 83 cases reported in Dare County in the week of July 19-25, up from 54 cases the previous week. That’s part of a steady climb from only 7 cases to 83 cases in four weeks. And a sizeable number of these new cases, 33 of them, involve those listed as non-residents of the county.

The DHHS has also been tracking breakthrough cases that occur in fully vaccinated people, noting that about 10% — or 50 of the 481 cases reported here since April 12 — have been breakthrough cases. Of those cases, the DHHS said that most had mild symptoms, several were asymptomatic, and none required hospitalization.

In addition, the percentage of positive test results in Dare County for the past week has risen again, this time to 13% up from 12.1% the previous week. By way of comparison, that percentage was 2% one month ago.

Citing the dominant Delta variant of the virus — one now found in about 80% of cases nationally — CDC Director Rochelle Walensky announced new CDC guidelines on July 27 that recommend even fully vaccinated people wear masks in indoor areas with “high” and “substantial” spread of the virus. At the same time, the agency also recommended that all K-12 students and school staff, regardless of vaccination status, wear masks in school settings.

One driver of the new CDC guidelines appears to be data that shows vaccinated people can transmit the COVID virus — although they are far less likely to experience severe illness and in Walensky’s words, the “vast majority” of new cases are occurring among unvaccinated people.

Locally, the Dare County Board of Education meets this Thursday, July 29, at 5 p.m. to consider COVID-safety procedures for opening public schools next month. To that end, the district emailed student families and school staff on July 27 asking them to take a survey about their views on cloth face coverings in school.

The DHHS is offering two upcoming COVID vaccine clinics for anyone 12 and over. The dates are Thursday, July 29 from 2:30 to 6:30 p.m. in Buxton and Friday, July 30 from 2:30-6:30 p.m. in Nags Head. To register for a vaccine appointment please visit our website at www.darenc.com/covidvaccine to complete the vaccination request form. Staff will then call you to schedule an appointment.

North Carolina

Statewide, the latest COVID data are also discouragingA total of 1,603 cases were reported on July 27 by the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services along with a positivity percentage of 10.4% for all COVID tests. That’s a very large increase over positive test rates that were under 5% in mid-July.





  • C A

    Let’s get that, ” Booster Shot “, in the pipeline soon. Sounding like it’s going to be a tough late summer and fall coming up.

    Although the breakthrough cases are quick to be downplayed statistically, they’re alarming enough for me. I’m not needing any part of this virus.

    Tuesday, Jul 27 @ 5:47 pm
  • Roadrunner

    I agree with you C A.

    Wednesday, Jul 28 @ 8:30 am
  • Susan

    So reading this sentence, I’m wondering if the focus of the article is skewed in the wrong direction.

    ….”The DHHS has also been tracking breakthrough cases that occur in fully vaccinated people, noting that about 10% — or 50 of the 481 cases reported here since April 12 — have been breakthrough cases.”

    I don’t know if Dare collects these stats, but does that mean that out of the last 481 cases — a whopping 431 of those occurred in UNVACCINATED people?
    AND that all the hospitalizations and serious symptoms came from that UNvaccinated group as well?

    Sure, some of the 431 positive cases were likely to be ineligible for vaccines due to age or medical conditions. But isn’t that the real story: The preventable serious illnesses that have occurred while putting those who cannot get vaccinated at risk. That’s worthy of a future headline.

    Wednesday, Jul 28 @ 9:02 am
  • Mark Jurkowitz | Outer Banks Voice

    Susan, we have repeatedly reported that the vast majority of new cases are occurring among unvaccinated people and an even bigger majority of hospitalizations or deaths are happening among the unvaccinated. This new “surge” is being driven by the Delta variant attacking unvaccinated Americans.

    We did mention the breakthrough cases in this story (although it was not the focus of the story) because in changing its masking guidelines, the CDC stated that one reason is new data that finds that fully vaccinated people with these breakthrough cases can transmit the virus. Left unsaid by the CDC, but not by some analysts, is the idea that public health experts also believe that the only way to get more unvaccinated people to wear masks is to make everyone wear masks.

    Wednesday, Jul 28 @ 12:13 pm
  • R Bo

    When developed, tested, and proven safe and effective (like the current vaccines) a booster will probably help. But to get a booster, one must first get vaccinated. As has been pointed out repeatedly, the current massive increase of cases, and the very existence of more harmful variants, is due to the reluctance of our benighted neighbors to believe science, health department guidelines, and what they should be able to see with their own eyes. Even the half-hearted recommendation of their revered supreme loser is not enough.Until there is a vaccine for stupidity we are all condemned to further suffering. Please get vaccinated. The lives you save may be your loved ones.

    Wednesday, Jul 28 @ 1:29 pm
  • Sandman

    Mark: Sooo left unsaid by the CDC but not by “some analysts”? Well then why not report on what all analysts are saying or does that not fit your manipulative answer?

    Wednesday, Jul 28 @ 2:57 pm
  • anotherobxman

    ALL persons (vaccinated or not) need to wear masks in public. No work-arounds or any of that nonsense. The stores, restaurants and bars are packed full of people without masks and no social distancing so it should come as no surprise that the virus is escalating again.

    Wednesday, Jul 28 @ 7:57 pm
  • C A

    I’ve heard, and read a great amount about the Covid 19 virus surely like many have. Like many, I’m truthfully exhausted with it.

    Various government agencies, sectors of of our national government, state, and local government. Unfortunately, all the politicians as well.

    Misinformation, wrong information, corrupted information, science information, data, statistics, agendas, party beliefs, origins, and conspiracy.

    Through it all there’s been only a few sources I’ve listened to regarding this virus, and they were enough for me. I designed my own guidelines for this problem after consulting with these sources.

    I also did so well before any of our government could formulate anything about it.

    Nope, I’m not smarter than anyone else, nor am I better or more important. I’m also not a medical professional.

    I wasn’t told case volumes, statistics and data. You see I was though in a unique position to learn, and later see how powerful, and genuinely nasty this virus is.

    I have lost many close friends, and a few neighbors to this virus. It kind of hits home as very, very real.

    A couple totally in love, and in love with the Outer Banks. They lived in an area outside of Raleigh. Owned a very nice modest beach cottage here on the OBX.

    Worked all their lives to have it, would spend their summers gardening, and fixing things the winters brought on.

    Pretty healthy people. They both got Covid, it killed both of them within four days. Was heartbreaking. Stunning, and acute.

    Another close friend, very healthy surfer, and waterman loved by many, a very surprising candidate to catch virus was taken swiftly, and from what I was told horribly.

    I began distancing, informed my family, we have many grown children, grandchildren, brothers, and sisters. It’s a pretty big crew. We quickly developed our own plans of staying put, and protecting ourselves while awaiting any kind of sensible medical response from the medical community.

    Like so many, it was quite tough on each of us. We all have our own politics, and party affiliations and beliefs. We did however, lay those aside and viewed this situation as we knew it. As it had affected people close to us.

    The elders of my family of which I am one began studying the vaccine development, and following it closely. There are several of my nieces and nephews on the front lines medically who informed us to go get the vaccinations as soon as possible.

    We consulted with our Doctors both locally here on the Outer Banks, and in other areas, and regions about the vaccines. We then made the arrangements, and received them.

    To be clear, we have never lived in fear during this unusual, and strange period. We chose not to live politically. We did however choose to live in awareness, and logically, and cautiously.

    We’re all here today, and we’re all ok. As you know, it’s not been easy. The virus itself seemingly like others has the ability to mutate, and looks to remain a part of our future no doubt.

    Like the many of my childhood all those years ago, my family had to get vaccinated. Those vaccinations seemed to have worked. Throughout my lifetime an affliction from one or more of those diseases or viruses was extremely rare in hearing of. We were again fortunate. Those vaccines, and the programs back then to get them were the reason.

    Everybody learned about the horror of those diseases, or knew someone that got them. The vaccination campaign was successful. No doubt at all, it was.

    I’m hoping we can all come together, and lay aside our political spears, and attempt as community, and a nation and simply protect ourselves, our children, our neighbors, and way of life.

    It’s true that nobody should make anyone get vaccinated or wear a mask, or do just about anything.

    I’m just asking for folks to look a little closer around at each other. Let’s get rid of this mess, it’s very harmful to us, and our way of life.

    God bless each of you, and all your families,

    Thursday, Jul 29 @ 11:11 pm