For second straight week, Dare reports 259 cases

By on September 7, 2021

The Dare County Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) reported today that there were 259 cases of COVID-19 from Aug. 30-Sept. 5 — the exact number of cases reported from Aug. 23-29 and virtually the same as the 257 cases reported from Aug. 16-22.

The new DHHS report (link to full report here), released on Sept. 7, also reported that there are currently 174 active COVID-19 cases among county residents, with 18 residents and 5 non-residents currently hospitalized with the virus. An additional 17 residents have succumbed to COVID since the beginning of the pandemic.

The percentage of all COVID-19 tests in the county that came back positive last week was still a very high 17.4%, but it is down a bit from the 19.1% mark in the previous week.

Of the 259 cases from Aug. 30-Sept. 5, 46 (or 18%) were breakthrough cases involving the fully vaccinated, meaning that 82% of those infected were not vaccinated or not fully vaccinated. That is very close to the percentage of breakthrough cases the DHHS has reported (19%) since the first such case was reported here in April.

The percentage of Dare County residents who have received at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine is currently 69%, while 64% of eligible county residents are fully vaccinated, according to the Sept. 7 update.

In terms of booster shots, the DHHS said it anticipates administering third shots to those who have received two doses of Moderna or Pfizer vaccines at least eight months earlier at vaccine clinics scheduled in September, October and November. There will be more information available next week on registering for those clinics.

The DHHS is also tracking the number of students and staff in the Dare County Schools who have contracted COVID or are in quarantine. The current number is 77 active cases and 482 in quarantine among the students. Among staff, there are 9 active cases with 6 in quarantine.





  • Freenusa

    I truly hope DHHS is keeping track of quarantined students/teachers, who later test positive, that would be very interesting. I will add, the stats of “cases” or “infected” published on other “local web sites” are somewhat meaningless. A zip code from DHHS would be much more informative.

    Tuesday, Sep 7 @ 7:46 pm
  • Breynn Bailey

    I wonder how different the world would be if we started posting statistics with every ‘single’ report. Example. The car accident yesterday. What if that article and every article showed the number of car accidents, age ranges, fatalities, causes for the year. What if every drug related death or suicide in Dare county was coupled with statistics for the year. We have learned so much over the last year and a half about viruses and pandemics. I think it is time to shift focus to things we really need to be paying attention to. These stats can be found on NCDHHS, Dare County, CDC. For those that want to cling to this, they can look it up. I for one am tired of it being top headlines as if there is a crisis. It’s time to reflect on what has been learned. Implement what is working. Create new ways of doing things and be grateful that this pandemic forced us to take a different look. It’s time to help the children around us to recover and make sense of this blip in their lives. Form a different perspective. Viruses will forever be a part of our lives. I personally have encountered lots of reasons to need to wash my hands, wear ppe, or feel that hesitancy of concern…non had to do with COVID. But that’s just me. I know this is a highly respected news source and know you’ll help lead us forward. ❤️

    Tuesday, Sep 7 @ 8:37 pm
  • moe.ron

    The previous writer, Breynn, writes that “I think it is time to shift focus to things we really need to be paying attention to” and being tired of Covid news “as if there is a crisis.” The obvious inference is that we don’t need to be paying attention to Covid and there is no crisis. I disagree.

    I commend Breynn on taking interest in other issues such as automobile accidents and suicide. Yet I believe those comparisons to Covid are misguided. There are significant differences between auto accidents, suicides, and even most other health issues and our current situation with Covid. First, our hospitals and health care systems have not been as overwhelmed in recent history as they have been today with Covid. In my book, that counts as a crisis. If you don’t think so, ask a health care professional. Second, preventing suicides and automobile accidents is difficult if not impossible. Covid, on the other hand, can easily go away. It’s simple. The people who are unvaccinated need to get the damn shots! That’s the quickest and easiest way for us to return to normalcy. I commend the Outer Banks Voice on its coverage of Covid. Please continue to keep us informed.

    Wednesday, Sep 8 @ 6:50 am
  • Rusty Shackleford

    So, a 0.0051718893% mortality rate, in the county…

    Wednesday, Sep 8 @ 7:09 am
  • Kitty Hawker

    Well said Breynn Bailey

    Wednesday, Sep 8 @ 7:12 am
  • obx dane

    @Breynn Bailey i usually don’t comment, but…car crashes and suicides are not contagious. I want to know what is going on around me if it will impact me. you could just as easily ignore the news as you are trying to ignore the pandemic.

    Wednesday, Sep 8 @ 8:09 am
  • Mike P

    651,000 dead Americans, No crisis here!!
    Denial is not solving the problems we are encountering.
    BTW about 38,680 auto deaths in 2020 if that is what you want to pay attention to “ look it up”


    Wednesday, Sep 8 @ 9:16 am
  • Linda

    @Breynn, “as if there is a crisis”? This is a huge crisis. If you don’t see it that way, feel free to scroll right on by the articles.

    Wednesday, Sep 8 @ 10:22 am
  • hightider

    The only thing scarier than the current pandemic (so no one confuses covid with car wrecks), is the pandemic of illogic and ignorance. A mind is terrible to waste.

    Wednesday, Sep 8 @ 1:17 pm
  • sandflea

    More people have died of COVID in the United States in 18 months than in the wars of: WWII, WWI, Viet Nam, Korean, American Revolution, War of 1812 COMBINED! Yeah, nothing to see here, just keep on scrolling along. Not a crisis in the least…..nope.

    PS, there are even more COVID deaths than the Civil War.

    Wednesday, Sep 8 @ 3:55 pm
  • Sean Mulligan

    Spain is flu makes COVID look mild.I thought the new administration promised to get rid of the pandemic.Looks like they are having about as much luck as the previous administration.Thankfully the previous administration fast tracked the vaccine.Hopefully fully vaccinated does the job.So far so good.The numbers sure make a compelling case for the vaccine.

    Thursday, Sep 9 @ 10:35 am
  • Mark

    As I was in the emergency room for three hours this past weekend I can honestly say there is 0 crisis here at the hospital. There was never anymore than three to five people waiting and for non covid issues. It would be nice instead of pushing for power we could actually have transparency and honesty from people we expect to give it. Guess it’s time to hold these people responsible and get people in who actually care about the community and not power. These people don’t understand that it all comes back around and they will get what’s coming to them. Be honest be truthful stop spreading false information to keep your power

    Friday, Sep 10 @ 7:26 am
  • obx dane

    Yep, that makes sense, you saw no one in the three hours that you were there, so all the other reports must be lies. Nothing going on anywhere else, it’s all lies. Thousands of people are all getting together to make sure they lie to you. That makes so much more sense than our one news source that agrees with your views lying to you. Anyhoo, good luck out there

    Friday, Sep 10 @ 8:46 pm