Vandals hit six trucks from Food Bank of Albemarle

By on September 8, 2021

(Food Bank of the Albemarle)

The Elizabeth City-based Food Bank of the Albemarle issued this release on Sept. 8 about a senseless, cruel and very costly act of vandalism.

Six trucks used by Food Bank of the Albemarle to deliver meals to hungry people were targeted by vandals this week, rendering them inoperable until repaired. Authorities are working with the Food Bank’s leadership to identify those responsible.

“The Food Bank’s vehicles are relied upon every day by hundreds of our partners and thousands of hungry people,” said Liz Reasoner, Executive Director. “That someone in our community would vandalize with the intention to slow or completely freeze this essential service is heartbreaking.”

With an estimated 48,000 food insecure people in the region (including 15,000 children), the essential services provided by the Food Bank are needed more than ever.

The vehicles that were vandalized include two semi-trucks, two straight trucks, and two refrigerated trucks, and are utilized daily by Food Bank staff and volunteer truck drivers to pick up and deliver food to over 100 partner agencies operating 155 programs throughout northeastern North Carolina.

The Food Bank and the network provided over 7.5 million meals over the past year; and saw a food distribution increase of 45% during the pandemic.

When our delivery vehicles are out of service, even for a day, it puts an incredible strain on our limited resources,” Reasoner added. “These vehicles carry fresh produce, dairy products, and frozen meat to people in need. It’s more than just a financial cost — this vandalism has prevented many people from receiving meals today.”

The Food Bank’s insurer has estimated the damage as $25,000. The cost of repairs and disruption of operations will require time and financial resources that would be utilized to feed seniors, children, veterans and families. Those interested in supporting the food bank and helping to offset these costs, please donate at

An official with the Food Bank said the Elizabeth City Police are currently investigating the matter.





  • hightider

    WAVY stated that the vandalism was limited to flattened tires at an estimate of approximately 25K. It is a shame that various concerned entities cannot or will not step forward to rectify the situation quickly – even with all tires flattened on 6 vehicles, even on semi’s and reefers, this is not an insurmountable problem like vandalism targetted at destroying engines, refrigeration equipment, etc. If it is true that so many depend this service on a daily basis, it begs the question why are the vehicles not behind locked gates with surveillance cameras? Of course the blame sits squarely on the criminals who set out to create havoc. Since it appears the vandalism was not for gain, like stealing copper wire, it may be destructive bored teens unless someone has a grudge against the charity. Wihout surveillance equipment, there is little likelihood of finding the vandals. Hopefully the community will donate generously to the link provided above but also encourage the Food Bank to be proactive to prevent a reoccurrence. If there are 48,000 food insecure people in the area (Pasquotank is only 40,000 population) then they need something beyond a charity to resolve the problem.

    Thursday, Sep 9 @ 5:14 am
  • Dok Mann

    Someone in this community has to know and can identify the twisted morons that did this. What kind of ignorant logic would lead to this act of wanton disruption to vital food service for the needy?

    Thursday, Sep 9 @ 8:12 am
  • Buttercup

    I am gonna go with it being something personal. Maybe even an insurance claim to help with something else. I am tired of the solutions to these situations being to spend $$$ on cameras and security when our laws don’t even support their use. Criminals have ‘rights’…my @ss.

    Thursday, Sep 9 @ 11:30 am
  • Dawnpatrol

    What a selfish and senseless act. I agree that either someone has a grudge against the charity or it’s bored teens looking for something destructive to do. If these vehicles can’t be behind gates then cameras certainly should be in place. Hopefully after this hateful and senseless act has been addressed the cameras will be put in. Has anyone thought of calling the local radio station and asking for tire donations? Locals usually pull together at times like this.

    Thursday, Sep 9 @ 12:23 pm
  • surf123

    This is just a part of the what we will be looking at as more and more people vacation and/or move here. Somewhere in that mix of newcomers you end up with the dregs of society. Crime always follows money and people. Peruse the crime blotter for an eyeopener.

    Thursday, Sep 9 @ 1:17 pm
  • hightider

    Hey Dawnpatrol – that’s a great idea but Eliz City doesn’t really have a radio station – maybe something at ECSU, but there are plenty of tire dealerships and companies with money to donate. There are also several tow companies that could probably patch the tires unless they are slit on the sides. Churches could get involved. And considering the real estate companies have made a pile this year, there are many big real estate companies that might contribute. Eliz City may look like a dump, but there is a small population that is influential and loaded big time. Certainly a fence company could donate chain link and others could help with a security system. And all of us can contribute non-perishables. It’s just hard to understand why anyone would do this, particularly to a charity.

    Thursday, Sep 9 @ 6:41 pm
  • Really?

    Yeah Surf… I’m sure someone vacationing here decided to flatten tires of food bank vehicles. More likely it’s someone who was directly involved with the Food Bank and who’s demented mind pushed them to do this… former employee etc.

    That said $25,000 worth of damage and it’s listed only as flattened tires? Must be a Government markup in the insurance claim.

    Thursday, Sep 9 @ 8:48 pm
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