Kitty Hawk man charged with 2nd degree murder in death of 11-year-old Julie Randel

By on September 10, 2021

Julie Randel

Daniel Deweese, 32, of Kitty Hawk, has been charged with second-degree murder and felony death by vehicle in connection with the Aug. 30 accident in which a car he was driving struck 11-year-old Currituck County Middle School student Julie Randel. Randel succumbed to her injuries on Sept. 8.

Julie and her brother were crossing Highway 158 on Aug. 30 when she apparently dropped something, attempted to retrieve it and was then struck by the vehicle. NC Highway Patrol Sgt. S.D. Hurley told the Voice that on the day of the accident, Deweese was charged at the scene with DWI, possession of an open container of alcohol and having a small amount of marijuana in his car. He was also charged with speeding in a school zone, for going 56 miles an hour when the speed limit was 35 miles per hour. At that time, he was taken to the Currituck County jail.

Noting that the severity of the injuries Julie suffered was apparent at the scene, Hurley said that the Highway Patrol “did a very thorough investigation that day [Aug. 30].”

With Julie’s passing on Sept. 8, Hurley said the new charges of second-degree murder and felony death by vehicle were added on Sept. 10.

11-year-old Currituck Middle School student succumbs to accident injuries





  • Chris Smith

    God rest her soul what a shame. I was always told there’s a place 20 miles past hell for someone that did such a thing

    Friday, Sep 10 @ 5:36 pm
  • Louise

    I am praying for Julie and her family. Lock this loser up for life. Better yet, death penalty.

    Friday, Sep 10 @ 6:15 pm
  • hightider

    Convict him and give him the max! This poor child was just trying to go to school and her life was stolen by a drunkard. If you have to be an alcoholic, do your drinking at home away from decent people. particularly children! Let the jury show no mercy and give him a long time where his only alcohol will be pruno made in a toilet in prison.

    Friday, Sep 10 @ 7:29 pm
  • Ricky

    So tragic. OBX is a very dangerous place for younger pedestrians.

    Saturday, Sep 11 @ 7:36 am
  • Pam

    It wouldn’t be so tragic if there were crosswalks and crossing guards. But the biggest thing is if this person hadn’t been on the road drinking and having weed and speeding this beautiful angel would still have her life. I pray he gets the maximum sentence

    Monday, Sep 13 @ 8:48 pm
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