By on September 11, 2021


Everybody over the age of 30 remembers where they were that day.  And many of us can still recall the sense of loss and shock and the anxiety — in the days that followed — that we might no longer be safe in our homeland and in our homes.

We wondered when things would start to return to normal. And in a gritty display of U.S. resilience, they did. The stock market, capitalism’s beating heart, came back on Sept. 17 and within a month had recouped the 11% drop it experienced shortly after re-opening.  After a week’s hiatus, the major league baseball season resumed, leading to a classic 2001 seven-game World Series. And with everybody wondering when it was okay to laugh again, Saturday Night Live returned 18 days after the attacks to let us know, somewhat awkwardly, that it was.

Something that can also seem long ago and far away today is the way the country came together, as one, to meet the challenge of 9/11. Ten days after that attack, George W. Bush achieved the highest presidential job approval rating in the history of the Gallup Poll—at 90%. Yes, when Bush ran for re-election in 2004, he won by less than three percentage points and we were pretty much a 50-50 country again.

But as we stop and remember 9/11 today — those who were lost and their loved ones– let’s also remember that moment when Americans realized that what united us was stronger that what divided us.


  • C A

    God bless those families of those of whom lost their lives in this tragic, and horrendous attack on our nation.

    They shall never be forgotten. God bless America, still the greatest nation in the world.

    Saturday, Sep 11 @ 10:36 am
  • Glenn

    Let us never forget those we lost…may we never forget those who ran towards those injured & fallen. God bless our country!

    Saturday, Sep 11 @ 12:32 pm
  • Travis

    September 11th is a story of waste in three acts.

    The first act was the waste of innocent lives, shattered families, and destroyed buildings.

    In response to this act, politicians again proved their cowardly lip service to supporting those who were affected. It took a massive shame campaign by Jon Stewart and others to get some help for the people most affected by the attack and aftermath.

    The second act was the waste of unity. 9/11 brought Americans together in a way they had not been unified in decades. There was a collective pain, a collective outrage a collective desire to help and a collective desire for justice (ok, really revenge, but let’s just sugar coat that one for the moment).

    The response to the second act was also muffed. Instead of destroying the enemy and leaving a smoking hulk in the wake of that destruction, we embarked on 20 year futile effort to nation-build. To compound problems, we became distracted with a completely unnecessary war in Iraq that was launched under false justifications and flimsy evidence. And the domestic unity so dearly bought with the blood of our fellow Americans was wasted as fissures were exploited for political expediency and legitimate questions and criticisms were dismissed as unpatriotic.

    The final act was the waste of our national standing in the world.

    America was attacked in a manner most heinous and cowardly. For those not alive at the time, you can’t begin to understand how that impacted our friends, allies and even our enemies. They poked the sleeping dragon and nobody wants to see the dragon wake up. Our retaliation against Afghanistan and the Taliban was almost universally supported. Even the frigging Russians were on board and helping the US in the initial campaign. But, again, that goodwill was wasted (in no small part due to the strong armed tactics to get into the war in Iraq).

    I frequently wonder how different things would be but for some 500 odd votes in Florida.

    Saturday, Sep 11 @ 4:47 pm
  • hightider

    And yet on this tragic day, a day that changed our nation forever and should never be forgotten, there are “woke” educators indoctrinating college and high school students (U of FL and VA Dept of Education) that we should “avoid placing blame” and to stop pushing the concept of “American exceptionalism.” Basically they are promoting that the US is founded on imperialism and colonialism. They have even said that it is wrong to call the 9/11 perpetrators terrorists. If the “woke” crowd has their way, in another 10 years, 9/11 will be forgotten. As it is, they are teaching revisionist theories of America and the world. Maybe soon they can teach revisionist math where 2+2=5.

    Saturday, Sep 11 @ 8:14 pm
  • hightider

    Thank you Travis. I would like to add that Cheney sold out America to benefit the Halliburton war machine, exploiting a weak George Bush to invade the wrong country because of his daddy issues. I was less than 10 miles away from the elementary school in FL where Bush declined to be interrupted reading “My Pet Goat” to kids as aides frantically tried to get him to stop reading and pay attention to the planes hitting the Twin Towers. Cheney was the architect who only needed a weak obtuse puppet to manipulate. Today our government negotiates with the Taliban and panders to them. I am glad I am on my way out and will not be here to see our final humiliation as a nation.

    Saturday, Sep 11 @ 9:17 pm
  • C A

    @ Hightider:

    Bravo, agree completely.

    Saturday, Sep 11 @ 11:37 pm
  • Frank Moore

    SHAMEFUL !!! Our President, Commander in Chief, Joe Biden, on 9/11/21 showed total contempt and lack of feeling for America. Joe could not speak words to bring hope and unity to our country in remembrance of the worst day in the history of the United States of America, instead the lackey Vice President stepped in to say a few words. We all know, Democrats and Republicans alike, that Joe cannot speak from the cuff without saying something stupid while he tumbles over the lies he is spouting ! His handlers have to teleprompt or use note cards to write for him what he is to read next. Knowing this even, if he had just attempted to say something thoughtful without reading a prepared speech I feel we all would have given him a pass this time because he would have been speaking his own thoughts and not words someone else had prepared, but this gutless man couldn’t even do that. Thankfully President Bush spoke to our country and made remarks expected from the current President, “awe come on man” you couldn’t even man up to do this, instead you sent in a lackey who is marginally more competent than you, Joe. History will remember you Joe Biden as the President who brought national shame on the United States of America as well as making us a target for any group of haters that want to undo what real men have done to keep all of us safe, yes even you Joe Biden ! MAY GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

    Sunday, Sep 12 @ 6:45 am