Update on injured UPS driver Kenny Lubosch

By on October 6, 2021

UPS driver Kenny Lubosch, who was badly injured in an accident on Sept. 29, is now home in Stumpy Point.

The community has gathered around the family to help out with everything from grocery shopping and providing a recliner for him to sleep on to delivering meals every day. Two GoFundMe accounts have been set up and thus far have taken in about $30,000 —a fraction of what it will cost to get through the issues, but very much appreciated by the family.

Lubosch was discharged from the hospital over the weekend although he is still in much pain and hasn’t seen all the doctors who need to assess the damage done to his body. His wife is sparring with Workers Compensation to try to get the care he is entitled to.

He has a skull fracture, bleeding behind his eye, fractures to his face that can’t be examined by a plastic surgeon until the swelling goes down and damage to his teeth that can’t be seen by a dentist until the facial injuries are known. There also are some questions about possible damage to his kidneys.

He can’t lie down, so a neighbor has provided a recliner and Kenny is walking a little bit with the aid of a walker.

Elaine Lubosch, his wife, is taking care of him, two young daughters and is six months pregnant.  The couple says that they are very grateful for the support from their home community and the friends and customers in the island towns.

Here are links to the GoFundMe accounts.  Fundraiser by Sandy Ross : Help Elaine and Kenny Lubosch (gofundme.com). Another one, organized by Christine Pruitt, can be found here. https://www.gofundme.com/f/kenny-lubosch-family-support



  • hightider

    My sympathy to anyone in such excruciating pain. I hope UPS takes care of everything.

    Wednesday, Oct 6 @ 9:07 pm
  • OBXmermaid

    So glad to hear that he is home with his family! My husband and I were caught in the traffic following the wreck and we could tell it was bad. I’m again so proud of this community for coming to the aid of this young family! Prayers for a speedy recovery!

    Thursday, Oct 7 @ 6:00 am