First Flight soccer wins match with Manteo 5-1

By on October 13, 2021

The Manteo student section closely follows the action.
Both teams fought for the ball for 80 minutes.
The First Flight keeper hugs the ball securely following a Manteo shot.
Manteo redirects the ball with a solid header.
Manteo keeper Cody Weaver sits dejected in front of the goal folling a First Flight score late in the match.
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The first match this season between school rivals First Flight and Manteo ended in a 1-1 tie. The match, a “spirited’ contest, played on the First Flight High School pitch was assumed to be a preview of what was in store for the second match in Manteo. There was a storm offshore Monday that produced grey skies and a near-constant mist to fall over the Outer Banks and as the teams prepared for the upcoming match, it was clear that a storm was brewing on the Manteo pitch.

The foggy-misty weather did not discourage the faithful from coming to watch the match. The Manteo student section was packed, equipped with the requisite cow bells, noise makers and healthy voices. Loud voices that punctuated every Manteo tackle or steal. First Flight fans also showed up to cheer on their team. The stage was set. It was time for the storm to blow through. To say that the match was a battle is an understatement. Both teams fiercely competed for every touch, every meter of advance. It was a very physical game.

Manteo scored first, but the storm had only started. First Flight scored to even the match 1-1 with just minutes to go in the first half. Then surprisingly, First Flight was able to score a second goal quickly. At halftime, the score was 2-1, First Flight.

The second half was different. While they continued to play hard until the final whistle, it was clear that Manteo was frustrated. The game became even more physical. Yellow cards were given for emotional unsportsmanlike play.

The ball was often played up high off the ground with multiple headers directing the path of the ball. First Flight would gain it’s third score by a header launching the ball to the back of the net. Under a constant attack, Manteo would yield two more goals. The match ended 5-1 First Flight. The storm has passed until next year.

First Flight on the season is now 8-1-1, Manteo is now 7-3-1.

Photos of the game highlighting both teams are available at Richard L Miller Photography.




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