Local couple has narrow escape in Kitty Hawk crash

By on October 18, 2021

(Photos courtesy Kirsten Shackelford)
(Photos courtesy Kirsten Shackelford)
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Driver being pursued by police taken to Norfolk General

The Kitty Hawk Police have reported an accident that occurred at around 9 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 16 after the driver of a car their officers were pursuing struck another car, causing injuries and damage.

For the folks in the vehicle that was struck, their minor injuries were something of a minor miracle.

“I think I might [have] used my get out of jail free card,” noted Kitty Hawk resident Kirsten Shackelford, who was returning home from dining in Duck with her fiancé, Adam Pitsilides, when the driver being pursued slammed into them from behind.

According to the statement from Kitty Hawk Police Chief Joel Johnson, “The Kitty Hawk Police attempted to stop a vehicle heading north on N. Croatan Hwy at 8:49 pm on 10/16/21. The vehicle turned around on the highway and started heading southbound towards Ace Hardware. After a short pursuit, the male driver of the vehicle struck another vehicle from behind causing extensive property damage.

The vehicle then left the roadway and struck a parked Ace Hardware box truck causing damage to the vehicle. The driver of the vehicle was transported to Outer Banks Hospital and then flown to Norfolk General Hospital to be treated for his injuries. The Kitty Hawk Police department is investigating the crash, and further information will be forthcoming.”

In an interview with the Voice, Shackelford, who was driving, said she and Pitsilides were returning from the Sunset Grille, going about 50 miles an hour southbound on the Bypass in their Tahoe when they became aware of the pursuit behind them and were then slammed into by the driver of the other car, who she said was clocked at more than 100 miles an hour.

Shackelford said both vehicles ultimately stopped more than 300 yards from the point of impact.

“When we crawled out of the car,” Shackelford recalled the responders on the scene asking somewhat incredulously: “Did you guys get out of that?”

The couple was taken to the Outer Banks Hospital where they were checked out and released.

“If we would have been in anything a tiny bit smaller” than the Tahoe, Shackelford noted, “we probably would have died.”






  • ElGuapo

    Who was driving the suspect vehicle? Bring the 411 newsman

    Monday, Oct 18 @ 6:49 pm
  • Jeff Walker

    There’s literally zero reason to have a car chase in Dare County. You can only escape in one of two directions. All this does is put other people at needless risk as we’ve seen here.

    Monday, Oct 18 @ 10:54 pm
  • Ann R Key

    I’m so glad the couple escaped with minor injuries! Y’all need to buy a lottery ticket!

    Wednesday, Oct 20 @ 12:07 pm