Colington man who reported hearing gunshots arrested on drug charges

By on October 19, 2021

(Dare County Sheriff’s Office)

On Oct. 14, at approximately 8:10 am, Deputies in the A-District responded to a report of an individual being shot at in the Sir Chandler Drive area of Colington Harbor. Once the Deputies arrived, they were able to determine that no one was being shot at and the caller was having hallucinations.

During the investigation, the Deputies located and seized Xanax, Suboxone, LSD, Methamphetamine, Marijuana, a digital scale, packaging materials and numerous pieces of paraphernalia.

Ryan Thomas Philbrook, 24, Colington, NC, was charged with (F) PWIMSD Schedule IV Controlled Substance, (F) Possession of Methamphetamine, (F) Possession of Schedule I Controlled Substance, (M) Possession of Schedule III Controlled Substance and (M) Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. Philbrook was released on a $30,000 secured bond.

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  • C A

    Another day of taking out the trash, great job fellas! Really appreciate the work in getting this mess off our streets.

    Tuesday, Oct 19 @ 12:42 pm
  • Luminous

    LOL. Man I hate when that happens.

    Tuesday, Oct 19 @ 4:41 pm
  • AV

    He’s not off the streets. He was released on bond.

    Tuesday, Oct 19 @ 4:56 pm
  • breazy

    I miss the good old days when people just smoked crack.

    Tuesday, Oct 19 @ 11:03 pm
  • Ann R Key

    It’s been a long minute since I’ve dosed but this exactly why I would refuse tripping with first timers. Many moons ago, I learned my lesson when a chick thought she could “fly” from a 3rd story window. I told her to fly around the room first. She said no because we would look up her skirt … spent the whole time babysitting her. The worst!

    Wednesday, Oct 20 @ 12:14 pm
  • BT

    Colington Man is the Outer Banks equivalent of Florida Man.

    Friday, Oct 22 @ 8:09 am
  • Wesley M

    Colington is the heart of the Outer Banks. Everyday hardworking folks pump like blood out to the exterior islands of our community. Providing critical services that allow our ecosystem to grow and sustain our culture and way of life. Fishermen hit the waters and provide nourishment for us all and guests alike.
    Only because Colington contains affordable living spaces for local workers you will find a spectrum of different humans. Some brighter than others. We are all human.
    The great demand of the wealthy for development of our area for better or worse creates pressure on laborers. It is unfortunate that this gentleman fell victim to substances that shattered his mental health and perception.
    I am not saying this behavior is acceptable. Rather standing up for the community I love, Colington and the Outer Banks alike. You will find situations like this all over, just much less likely on the coastal islands that are saturated with rental homes rather year round tax paying citizen domain.
    The Outer Banks would be decades behind without Colington. I cannot say the same about Colington. We supply food and great service. Sure we are not ocean front. We are on the front lines providing our coast with excellent resources everyday.

    Monday, Oct 25 @ 12:46 am