‘Stop bullying and start building’

By on November 22, 2021

Outer Banks Hotline

Outer Banks Hotline recently partnered with Dare County Schools in October 2021 to raise awareness about bullying for local students.  As a part of the awareness activities, students were able to participate in a bullying awareness poster contest.  These are the poster contest winners that were chosen from each of the four schools that participated in the contest.

Cape Hatteras Secondary School

Cape Hatteras Secondary School 6th grade- Olivia Lounden
Cape Hatteras Secondary School 7th grade- Flor Cruise
Cape Hatteras Secondary School 8th grade- Michelle Vazquez
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First Flight Middle School

First Flight Middle School 6th grade- Hailey Parish
First Flight Middle School 7th grade- Eli Kunz
First Flight Middle School 8th grade- Ariel Coughlin
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Manteo Elementary School

Manteo Elementary School 5th- Joshe Brodie
Manteo Elementary School 4th-Sadie Walston
Manteo Elementary School 3rd- Brooke Bland
Manteo Elementary School 2nd grade- Evelyn Cota Ayala
Manteo Elementary School 1st grade- Avery Walthal
Manteo Elementary School Kindergarten- Kallie Bennett
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Manteo Middle School

Manteo Middle School 8th grade- Ashlynn Hardison
Manteo Middle School 7th grade- Elana Klink
Manteo Middle School 6th grade- Kelly Blande
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