Coast Guard rescues 4 from boat near Southern Shores

By on December 7, 2021

Bald Eagle II at sunrise on December 9. (Photo credit: Len Schmitz)
Another night on the beach for Bald Eagle II, December 8. (Photo credit: Len Schmitz)
The fishing vessel Bald Eagle II at 2:30 pm on December 8. (Photo credit: Len Schmitz)
Sunrise at the Bald Eagle on December 8. High tide at 10:30 am. (Photo credit: Len Schmitz)
Night watch of the fishing vessel Bald Eagle II on December 7. (Photo credit: Len Schmitz)
The fishing vessel Bald Eagle II at 4 pm, low tide, on December 7. (Photo credit: Len Schmitz)
The fishing vessel Bald Eagle II at 4 pm, low tide, on December 7. (Photo credit: Len Schmitz)
The fishing vessel Bald Eagle II at 4 pm, low tide, on December 7. (Photo credit: Len Schmitz)
The fishing vessel Bald Eagle II on the morning of December 7. (Photo credit: Len Schmitz)
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Update from U.S. Coast Guard Mid-Atlantic: The owner of the Bald Eagle had contracted a salvage company to remove the vessel and we’re overseeing the process. Currently, the vessel is grounded on the coast of Duck.

Update from the Town of Southern Shores: The Town is monitoring and in communication with Dare County Emergency Management and the Coast Guard on the status of the disabled fishing boat in the vicinity of the Trout Run beach access. We are thankful the fishing vessel’s crew has been safely removed and for the efforts of the Coast Guard and first responders. Efforts are underway to safely remove the boat, please keep a safe distance and allow the responders to do their job safely. The Coast Guard will continue to monitor the vessel throughout the night.


The U.S. Coast Guard is reporting the rescue of four crew members from a disabled fishing boat in the waters off of Southern Shores on the morning of Dec. 7.

According to U.S. Coast Guard Petty Officer Stephen Lehmann, Sector North Carolina received communication at about 7:30 a.m. that the vessel, Bald Eagle II, was disabled and drifting toward the shore, despite having dropped the anchor. A helicopter was then dispatched to the scene from the Coast Guard base in Elizabeth City and all four people on the vessel were lifted to safety.

There may be more details released later.






  • WindyBill

    Glad everyone is safe to to our Fanastic Coast Guard! The article did not mention and eqquipment failure causing this. The captain chose to take a known risk for profit. OK. Shouldn’t the captain and vessel owner share to the rescue and salvage costs? Why should taxpayers pay for all of a business mistake?

    Tuesday, Dec 7 @ 1:59 pm
  • Dano

    Thanks to the men and women of the Coast Guard who are on call 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

    Tuesday, Dec 7 @ 2:48 pm
  • WBN

    Looks like they could have just waited a little longer and stepped off the stern and saved taxpayers a lot of money and the C.G. a lot of time.

    Wednesday, Dec 8 @ 6:11 am
  • Greg

    There is no doubt insurance on this vessel that covers this type of event. The insurance company wants the vessel to be salvaged with as little damage as possible

    Wednesday, Dec 8 @ 8:10 am
  • Greg

    The vessel will most likely be salvaged by its insurer. Hopefully it is not too badly damaged

    Wednesday, Dec 8 @ 8:22 am
  • Lucas

    Any updates on removing this vessel from the surf? Is the fishing that much better in the breakers that the captains are willing to take the risk of trying to work in them? This is the second one of these types of boat that this has happened to in less than a month.

    Wednesday, Dec 8 @ 8:40 am
  • Seal

    WBN that is exactly what I was thinking !!!
    Its not like we have boat crushing rocky shores and that anyone could had seen that it would have just beached itself like it did !!! And also I cant help but guess that the anchor used was not the right size or style for said boat.

    Wednesday, Dec 8 @ 12:38 pm
  • Greg

    The net may have gotten into the propeller or wheel as it is known in the business

    Wednesday, Dec 8 @ 7:27 pm
  • Obxer

    Southern shores is not duck they are separate towns as you know. And as far as the coast guard is concerned they are safer getting off of the boat on a helo than just jumping over people. Ask the coast guard yourself!

    Friday, Dec 10 @ 7:26 am