Dare Board moves ahead on beach nourishment plans

By on January 3, 2022

2017 Kitty Hawk Beach Nourishment (File photo: Dare County)

At its Jan. 3 meeting, the Dare County Board of Commissioners took another step forward on beach nourishment projects slated for 2022 by entering into a construction contract with Weeks Marine of Covington, LA to pump sand onto the beaches of Duck, Southern Shores, Kitty Hawk and Kill Devil Hills.

Last month, the commissioners awarded the contract to Weeks Marine, which will pump approximately 2.46 million cubic yards of sand on 12.1 miles of beaches in those four municipalities for a total cost of $28.9 million. According to the agreement, the work would be finished on or before Dec. 31 of this year.

Turning to the other Dare County beach nourishment efforts, the commissioners on Jan. 3 also approved an amendment to the capital project ordinance for the Avon and Buxton project.

That will begin on May 1, with an end date of Sept. 30, 2022, and includes pumping a total of 2.2 cubic yards of sand along the shoreline, with 1 million cubic yards being placed along Avon beaches and 1.2 million cubic yards on Buxton beaches.

Last month, the commissioners awarded the bid for the 2022 Avon and Buxton beach nourishment project to Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Co., which came in with a bid of $25.9 million. Of that amount, the county will contribute roughly $21.7 million. Other funding sources will come from the Federal Emergency Management Agency and state grants.





County Dare, North Carolina
Dare County Tourism Board

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Visitors Bureau will hold a public meeting to review the plans for an Outer Banks Event Center. The meeting will take place on Monday, June 6, 2022 from 9:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. at the Keeper’s Galley building at Haven on the Banks, 115 Dove Street, Nags Head North Carolina 27959.

Still in the conceptual phase, the Event Center is intended to provide suitable and flexible space for year-round events, concerts, sports, meetings, smaller tradeshows, galas and any number of other uses. Learn more about the benefits for visitors and residents and how the Event Center is planned to complement the new Soundside boardwalk that is being designed.

Staff will be on hand to answer any questions. For additional information, please visit our Event Center FAQ page.



  • Michael Myers

    Complete waste of taxpayers money. Someone has to be getting kickbacks from
    company. Beach erosion is going to happen more and more and more as our environment and our sustainable population is about to exceed limits. You can’t stop it. This barrier island has changed position many many times in the past. It been sped up now folks. This is like putting a bandaid on a massive wound. Yeah it’ll look good and all the tourists will marvel at the beaches but it’s all a temporary facade. Oceanfront property will get over run but the Ocean no question…REGARDLESS!!
    Look around and put down the smart phone for awhile. And we have bigger things to worry about if you ,know. Get ready.

    Monday, Jan 3 @ 8:28 pm
  • Stan Clough

    Thank you Dare County Comissioners for continuing these projects which greatly benefit our wonderful streach of beach, well done !

    Tuesday, Jan 4 @ 7:58 am
  • Bud

    We wouldnt have all this erosion if we allowed overwash and did not have unbroken dunelines.
    The ocean must flow for a healthy island.

    Tuesday, Jan 4 @ 9:42 am
  • Bob

    Should have used the $$$ for managed retreat off the island.

    It is a waste of money.
    The sand will last a year or two at most.

    Tuesday, Jan 4 @ 1:56 pm
  • Dogstar

    As a homeowner, this will be my second replenishment. I will candidly admit I don’t want it because I want the oceanside beach homes to be destroyed…..that way I will next in line to beachfront property and thus I will sell out…there, I said it.

    Wednesday, Jan 5 @ 2:06 pm
  • Seal

    No where else on the East and Gulf Coast is this done……and thats because its just a waste of money …..and face it doesnt work !!!! And you can bet your rear end that there are kick backs !!!!! And the only ones out there that are for this either live or rent on the beach front or are just plain stupid.
    A permanent fix or at least one that last for years are out there…. groins sea walls ect.
    Im sick of my money going to fixing up somebodies property on the beach that doesnt give a damn about the rest of living on the back side of this sand bar !!!

    Thursday, Jan 6 @ 9:27 am
  • Stan Clough

    To “Seal” and others, projects like this are done all over the world. The Netherlands entire coast is “Engineered”, as many other places on earth.
    To make it sound like this is some unique idea thought up by “good old boys in a smoke filled room” is insane.
    We have the technology and the contractors to complete the task and there has never been any logical reason to not fulfill the task. It has the support of all, in my opinion, residents that care to live here.
    There are those that want us to “retreat” to more inland areas in a belief that golbal warming will flood our coast. I have heard this for 40 years and life goes on.
    It is really a simple thing, nature moves sand around and we do also. There are some things that would help, total stabilization of Oregon Inlet, there are proven plans inplace, as the sand moves south take it back north.
    God meant for us to be stewards of this earth, you cut your grass and till your garden, same thing.

    Saturday, Jan 8 @ 4:55 pm
  • Seal

    Stan the project in the Neatherlands is not even close to what theyre doing on the OBX !!!
    And to try and slide biblical quotes in that are not in the Bible is just plain B#$% S#$% !!! The OBX was doing just fine until they decided to be Stewards of the land at 27 million dollars a year of our money !!!
    Fact is the rich build on the dunes and want the rest of us to bail them out…. and how in the H#$% you put mowing the grass and this in the same sentence is beyond logic !!!

    Sunday, Jan 9 @ 8:52 am