CCA seems poised to appeal recent Currituck County occupancy tax ruling 

By on January 7, 2022

(Corolla Civic Association)

In a Jan. 7 response to a Superior Court Judge’s dismissal of its lawsuit challenging Currituck County’s use of about $40 million in occupancy tax funds, the Corolla Civic Association (CCA) strongly hinted that an appeal is likely.

While noting that it is “disappointed” in the Dec. 22, 2021 ruling by Judge Wayland Sermons, Jr., the CCA’s Jan. 7 statement said “it is currently conversing with appellate specialists about an appeal of the recent ruling. We are very optimistic that this ruling will be reversed by our Court of Appeals.”

The plaintiffs “remain steadfast in their position on the County’s unauthorized use of occupancy tax proceeds,” the statement continued.

The suit, first filed in 2019 by the CCA and nearly two dozen other signatories, alleged that the county failed to allocate occupancy tax funds “only for tourism-related expenditures, including beach nourishment,” as specified in the 2004 law allowing it to collect an occupancy tax. Currituck County for its part has contended that the 2004 law gives the county commissioners considerable leeway in how the money is spent.

In reacting to the December ruling in its favor earlier this week, Currituck County Manager and County Attorney Ike McRee said, “The county is pleased with the court’s ruling, which is an affirmation that the county has used occupancy tax revenue in accordance with state law and is a good steward of public funds.”

“This lawsuit…claimed that Currituck County did not spend occupancy tax revenue in accordance with state law.  However, the court has consistently sided with Currituck County regarding its use of occupancy tax revenue,” the statement continued.

In its Jan. 7 statement disputing the ruling, the CCA declared that “this case is of great significance to the statewide tourism industry and has garnered the support of many of those across our State who are involved in that industry. The Plaintiffs find it important to note that the North Carolina Travel and Tourism Coalition concurs with the merits of our lawsuit, as evidenced by the supporting affidavit it authored and filed in this matter…the Plaintiffs remain confident in their causes of action.”

Currituck County wins suit over occupancy tax





  • Dan

    Ike McRee is a thug. Your Corolla golden goose will dry up once we incorporate. Good luck mainland!

    Friday, Jan 7 @ 7:44 pm
  • Richard patterson

    Should have
    Been filed
    In federal
    Court under diversity of
    Citizenship! Our
    To easily!

    Saturday, Jan 8 @ 12:14 pm
  • Dano

    CCA should change their name to Corolla Bussiness Association. I have lived in Corolla 15 years and seen very little it has done on behave of those who live here. If Corolla was to incorporate it would not improve our services only double the taxes to pay for some local politicians so they can have more control over us. More government is not the answer.

    Sunday, Jan 9 @ 2:00 pm
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