Amid COVID spike, Currituck BOE extends mask mandate

By on January 13, 2022

(Currituck County Schools)

After a Jan. 13 special meeting, the Currituck County Schools announced that the Currituck County Board of Education has reversed a previous decision and voted to maintain a mask mandate in schools in light of a significant surge in COVID cases.

Here is the release.

The Currituck County Board of Education held a special meeting, Thursday, January 13, 2022, for
the purpose of discussing the NC Strong Schools Toolkit.

At the December 2021 Board of Education meeting, board members unanimously voted to make
masks optional beginning January 18, 2022. However, since returning to school from the holiday
break, there has been a spike in COVID-19 cases. As of noon today, the case count for the past five
days is at 71. This is the highest number of COVID-19 cases seen this school year.

In an effort to keep students and staff in school and limit the number of required quarantines during
this spike in COVID-19 cases, the board of education unanimously voted to delay masks optional.
Masks remain a requirement, both in schools and on buses.

The Board of Education has a regularly scheduled meeting, Thursday, January 20, 202 at which time, current COVID-19 case counts will be reviewed and further discussion regarding mask use and requirements will take place.




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