Another spectacular Hood House — this time for Valentine’s Day

By on January 21, 2022

Valentines at the Hoods (Photos courtesy of the Hood Family)
Valentines at the Hoods (Photos courtesy of the Hood Family)
Valentines at the Hoods (Photos courtesy of the Hood Family)
Valentines at the Hoods (Photos courtesy of the Hood Family)
Valentines at the Hoods (Photos courtesy of the Hood Family)
Valentines at the Hoods (Photos courtesy of the Hood Family)
Valentines at the Hoods (Photos courtesy of the Hood Family)
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Daryl Hood of Grandy puts his heart into everything — whether it is his work as a builder, feeding the feral cats in the neighborhood or decorating his home for the holidays. So it’s no surprise that Valentine’s Day turned out to be the perfect choice for him and his wife, Verdery, to get married back in 1998.

Ever since, Hood has been not only spectacularly decorating their home for Christmas, but also for Valentine’s Day. The February display, he said, started as an expression of love for Verdery. Hood even carved out about 150 permanent hearts in the soffit of his home he built at 173 Carolina Club Drive as a tribute to her.

“The heart thing has always been kind of my MO, you know, to put your heart into things, he says.”

Much like the Hoods’ Christmas spectacular Christmas display (Special Christmas Houses: The Hoods of Grandy), their Valentine’s Day light show also keeps growing each year — with this year being the most impressive yet. So far, there are nearly 30,000 pink and white lights along with more than 100 plywood hearts everywhere you look – on the doors, windows, chimney, porch and in the trees.

Hood crafted all the hearts by hand and Verdery, an artist, is busy working on a plywood “Queen of Hearts” that will be added to the display.

New to this year’s display are 11 little Valentine Day trees with heart toppers and a “Tree of Love” with 60 hearts and a heart topper.

“The past five or six years, I started celebrating it a bit more,” Hood notes. “After Christmas with the holidays gone and everything’s dark and gloomy, I decided I’d try to add a little light and everybody’s life…it’s all about what’s in your heart so there’s a whole lot more to it than just Valentine’s Day.”

As for the expansiveness of this year’s display, Hood said, “This is big time…And I’m not done,” adding that he has easily already put in 60 to 80 hours of work on the Valentine’s Day display. “I’m adding more. I am still working.”

Hood, however, does take a short break for about two weeks between taking the Christmas decorations down and putting the Valentine’s Day display up. And he says the displays are about much more than a holiday that falls on a certain day each year.

“If it’s in your heart, it’s Christmas every day. And it’s Valentine’s Day every day if it’s in your heart…Spread the love. Take care of the others. Take care of the animals. Spread kindness and happiness and joy.”




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  • Erin A Williams

    Pay it forward. I love to decorate what ever the holiday, any excuse to put color out there. If it makes 1 person smile or take a second look and make their day it was worth it. God has blessed them with my help. Put a smile on there face, gives them something nice to talk about.
    God shine your light upon you as well. God bless you for all you do!

    Thursday, Jan 27 @ 3:10 am