Currituck selects County Attorney ‘Ike’ McRee as new County Manager

By on January 28, 2022

(Currituck County)

Donald “Ike” McRee

The Currituck County Board of Commissioners announced on Jan.28 that its search for new county manager culminated with an in-house selection – current Currituck County Attorney Donald “Ike” McRee.

Here is the release.

The commissioners announced today that the board will officially name County Attorney Donald “Ike” McRee as county manager during its Feb. 7 meeting. McRee has been serving as Interim County Manager since August 28 of last year, following the departure of former County Manager Ben Stikeleather.

McRee began his career as a local government attorney in May 1989, when he was appointed Currituck County Attorney. After continuing in that capacity for other county governments in North Carolina, McRee returned to Currituck County in 2008 when he again accepted the position as Currituck County Attorney.

After Stikeleather left, the board hired a search firm to identify potential candidates. Ultimately, the commissioners decided that McRee was best suited for the job. His familiarity with the board of commissioners and knowledge of county departments, procedures and local issues provides a beneficial continuity of operations for the board, county employees, and the public.

“After reviewing options, and through numerous discussions with Ike, the board determined that Ike would be a great fit for filling the role as county manager,” said Mike Payment, Chairman of the Currituck County Board of Commissioners. “During his time as interim county manager, Ike expressed his desire to become the full-time manager. The board sees Ike’s abilities and attributes as positives for the citizens of Currituck County.”

After McRee is officially approved as county manager, the board will begin a search for a new county attorney and McRee will relinquish that role.






County Dare, North Carolina
Dare County Tourism Board

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  • Dan

    McRee sees Corolla as nothing more than a piggy bank for the rest of Currituck County. Look no further than his statements regarding the county’s use of the occupancy taxes being unlawfully diverted to mainland and you’ll see this is really unfortunate news for Corolla residents and homeowners.

    Saturday, Jan 29 @ 2:16 am
  • Rick

    Ike will do a great job for Currituck County!. I’ve known him for many years. The County is fortunate to have an honest, hard working person like Ike in control. Best of luck.

    Saturday, Jan 29 @ 8:41 pm
  • Spooneyrae

    Perhaps Dan could quote the specific violation of the general statute, so he could educate the Judge that dismissed the frivolous lawsuit. Perhaps Dan would share how much taxes will increase for every property owner in Currituck if the frivolous lawsuit were to be successful. Great job Currituck!

    Sunday, Jan 30 @ 12:47 pm
  • Spooneyrae’s Mom

    Son, the judge did not rule in the case against Ike. Rather than doing his job, the judge stated that “these are very interesting legal issues and I look forward to how my appellate colleagues will view them.” Call me if you’d like me to explain. Occupancy taxes collected in Corolla, per state law, are to be reinvested in the community not used for pet projects more than an hour drive away. If you don’t feed the golden goose, it stops laying eggs. Corolla employees have no place to live and employers can’t find employees because the greedy county officials have not invested in affordable rental housing. The beaches need renourishment, like they’re doing in Dare. Instead, Ike walks around with an envelope full of Corolla cash to hand out to his friends.

    Monday, Jan 31 @ 5:12 am
  • Fat Man

    Former Commissioner Barry Nelms at a Civic Association meeting years ago.” We don’t want folks to live in Corolla. This is a tourist area, not a retirement area”
    ” We’d have to provide services, and we don’t want to”.

    Monday, Jan 31 @ 5:21 pm