KDH Board paves way for additional teacher housing

By on January 28, 2022

Approved amendment will allow more units at Run Hill Ridge

The Run Hill Ridge teacher housing complex. (Photo credit: Dare Education Foundation )

During its Jan. 26 meeting, the Kill Devil Hills Board of Commissioners unanimously approved a text amendment to the town’s zoning map that would pave the way for the expansion of teacher housing at Run Hill Ridge.

“This offers opportunities for teacher housing and to have density be our friend in the places where we’d like it to be our friend,” said KDH Mayor Ben Sproul.

Run Hill Ridge currently consists of three buildings with eight units each. The Dare Education Foundation (DEF) has recently announced plans to expand the housing at the site by constructing an additional building with eight more units.

With the new text amendment, the property would be rezoned from a Resident Low Zoning District to a Light Industrial Two District, which would allow for the multi-family units. When Run Hill Ridge was originally constructed, multi-family housing was a special use in the district, but town regulations have since changed and the use is no longer allowed.

DEF Executive Director Barbara Davidson briefed the Dare County Board of Education last month about plans for the expansion. Davidson, in an earlier interview with the Voice, said that groundbreaking on the project could happen in 12 months and would likely take another year from that point to complete it. The cost of the project is estimated at $2 million.

Davidson has also noted that DEF was continuing to pursue teacher housing options on Roanoke Island as well.




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  • WindyBill

    Isn’t $250,000.00 each for 8 apartments a bit much?

    Friday, Jan 28 @ 8:06 pm
  • Greg

    Mr. Bill is obviously not informed on current building costs. As these buildings are supposed to have a long life a cheap job would be a waste of money.

    Saturday, Jan 29 @ 8:31 am
  • Sandman

    @Windybill: Absolutely not. Due to the inflation and supply chain disruption ALL building materials are up across the board including lumbers copper etc… wages have been raised as well in an attempt for contractors to maintain their standards of living and still be able to afford their employees. Many thanks to the Biden administration for compounding the problem and exacerbating these issues.

    Saturday, Jan 29 @ 10:04 am
  • WindyBill

    Admitedly, I did not take into account the brick (?) exterior (is it?), or the fire and safety codes for multifamily 2 story dwellings. Covid did cause supply chair disruptions, blaming Pres. Biden is pure BS. If blame for cost of living is to be placed, put it on the Health Industries for raping the American people. Can we keep this on building costs please?

    Sunday, Jan 30 @ 2:45 pm
  • Mike Honcho

    Here’s a thought, and bare with me I’m just spitballing here…..Why not give these educators a raise? Contract a compensation analyst to perform a study to see what these teachers deserve/could afford to be paid and find money in the budget to make it happen. I don’t know how this place would work as far as there being a limit on the time you could live there or if your income has to be below a certain threshold to qualify, but in the first scenario the teachers would live there for the allotted time and then once they no longer qualify for the housing they will leave once they realize they cannot afford to live here on a teachers salary. And in the latter scenario they will make sure their income does not rise above the limit to avoid being evicted, thus creating stagnation in their careers. I understand that Dare County Schools cannot instantly increase income to keep pace with inflation and higher cost of living, but they could certainly make more of an effort, especially for a profession as crucial as a school teacher.

    Tuesday, Feb 1 @ 11:58 am