Dare Board of Education amends meeting procedures

By on February 28, 2022

Changes come in wake of recent disruptions

The rule changes come after a meeting when Dare to Share group members approached board members with documents.

In an apparent response to disruptions at recent meetings over the past few months, the Dare County Board of Education met virtually during a Feb. 28 special meeting to revise its policy, titled “Board Meeting Procedures,” in an effort to avoid such incidents in the future.

The revisions, unanimously approved by the board on first reading, addressed everything from the public comment period to how the public should submit documents to the board.

The changes include language that prohibits substitute speakers from taking the place of those who signed up to speak during public comments, as well as not allowing speakers to donate any portion of their time to another speaker.

They also address the placement and use of recording equipment during meetings, stating that it must be done in a “manner that is not disruptive or distractive to the conduct of the meeting.”

Another revision read: “If the speaker wishes to submit documents to the board as part of the public comment portion of the board meeting, the speaker shall submit the documents to the designee who distributes and collects the public comment sign-up form prior to the start of the meeting, or they may leave the documents at the speaker’s podium when they address the board.”

That revision appears to be a direct response to an incident at the Feb. 8 meeting when members of the Dare To Share group approached the board to deliver 28 letters of intent to file claims against the school district, alleging that the letters were based on 26 state, federal and international laws they contend the district is violating.

“At no time during public comment or any other time during the board meeting will the speaker or meeting attendee approach the board table unless invited to do so by the chairperson,” the policy revisions read. “Any person who fails to comply with this provision will be removed from the meeting.”

The revisions also stated, “Actions that violate these guidelines and/or disrupt the orderly operation of a meeting may result in the disruptive individual(s) being directed to leave by the presiding officer and/or being removed from the premises.” It continued, “Failure to vacate the meeting after being directed is a criminal offense in violation of N.C. General Statute §14-288.4 and §143-318.17.”  Both offenses are considered misdemeanors in North Carolina.

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  • Freenusa

    The DCBOE votes themselves more power to silence the public. Parents need to heed the warning. Parents, take your child away from the power. Start neighborhood educational learning pods. This can be done first, with responsible parents then responsible students will follow. Take your child’s money away from the system. It will not be easy but if done responsibly within a small group, you can be successful. Your child is worth more than public school offers them.

    Monday, Feb 28 @ 10:10 pm
  • Dethrol

    Every single one of these clowns need to be recalled and/or voted out at the first opportunity. These are public servants who exist immediately adjacent to the citizens this county because they make decisions that impact the children of this county. The moment they feel pressure from a citizenry with genuine and valid concerns, they go full tyranny and enact layers of restrictions to remove citizens from the process and make participation in governance more difficult. These people work for us. We should and must establish the rules. How about we vote to abolish the school board altogether. Anything they do can be done on a school by school basis by relying on relationships with parents and students to meet the needs of this community. This way we can provide the oversight that is obviously needed and returns the power where it should be vested, with the citizens and not the bureaucrats.

    Monday, Feb 28 @ 10:37 pm
  • Richard Mallard

    This sandbar continues to become less & less desirable to live on with these local government groups becoming less & less for the very people that provide their jobs, their incomes. And this is happening not just here but all over this country these days. It’s a pathetic reality that needs fixing! My solution? Vote these people out come next election. They are supposed to be serving us, not the other way around.

    Tuesday, Mar 1 @ 4:21 am
  • Linda

    Unfortunately defining these procedures was necessary after civility disappeared during the last meeting.

    Tuesday, Mar 1 @ 8:10 am
  • Kitty Hawker

    I applaud Currituck BOE for using their meeting to fall in line with CDC guidelines of unmasking school bus riders as of 2/25/22. I am sure that vote could have been added to this “special meeting” agenda.
    PS:. These Public Notice things in the comments are awful.

    Tuesday, Mar 1 @ 8:25 am
  • Side step

    Do the shuffle. Avoid the real problems. Authoritarianism. Step to the right. Now step to the left. Undermine the public. Step to the side.

    Tuesday, Mar 1 @ 8:39 am
  • Steve Railsback

    BOEs…the most corrupt, tyrannical, unaccomplished, incompetent and useless political bodies in any local government. When the citizenry made the deal to have government feed, educate, indoctrinate, transport, babysit and have in loco parentis of their most precious beings, they made the deal to have these people in charge of their children. Sorry. You made the deal; live with it. Otherwise, homeschool or privatize.

    Tuesday, Mar 1 @ 10:33 am
  • Linda

    Wow, I must be reading a different article. The procedures put in place don’t impact public input, just follow the procedure. Good grief. I don’t agree with everything they say or do but what they do cannot be accomplished at individual schools. You don’t like it? Easy… vote…with your vote or your feet.

    Tuesday, Mar 1 @ 10:36 am
  • Travis

    I’m not sure some of the commenters realize that all but one of the current BOE is made up of people who play for team GOP. All of these decisions being criticized are being made by people you voted to serve on the Board and who probably think a lot like you about masks, vaccines and the rest. Lot of stones being thrown around the glass house.

    Tuesday, Mar 1 @ 11:05 am
  • Dethrol

    Oh no you don’t…. Political party has nothing whatsoever to do with this and any attempt to make it so merely propagates divisions that the politicians created and then take advantage of. This is about our children and the future of our community. Doesn’t matter what letter follows their names. I vote to add two letters to the titles of each and every one of these parasites: ((EX)) board member.

    Tuesday, Mar 1 @ 1:05 pm
  • Al

    It should be fairly obvious that the board members really aren’t interested in public comments. Citizens submitting comments for the boards review would be better off just dropping their paperwork in the trash because that’s what BOE will do with them.

    Tuesday, Mar 1 @ 2:45 pm
  • Greg

    Al makes an assumption. The behavior of the Ill mannered lot that caused these changes should tell that lot something. If you go to a public meeting behave yourself. State your case as if you were in a courtroom.

    Tuesday, Mar 1 @ 5:15 pm
  • Mary

    Thanks Linda and Greg for reading the article correctly! Policies HAD to be put into place to control the obnoxious behaviors of citizens at previous meetings. The BOE just wants to and should be able to have civilized, productive meetings. Just behave and follow the procedures to be heard!
    By the way…if you don’t like public education…get out! Your tax money will still go towards education just like mine does, and I have no children…but I am paying for yours!

    Wednesday, Mar 2 @ 9:11 am
  • Chris Smyers

    I’d be in in favor of doing something like the Gov of VA Youngkin is proposing….

    Start K-12 Charter schools and let the parents use their tax dollars to pay for the school of their choice.

    We don’t need a politically voted on Board to raise our children.

    Wednesday, Mar 2 @ 9:19 pm
  • Concerned Citizen

    In light of all the hateful, ghastly comments, who would ever want to serve on the BOE? I hope it’s a minority of citizens posting this extreme stuff. Go ahead, vote others into office, then see how they administer the multiple components of the education system, with or without a pandemic. The BOE and the school system in general can’t please everyone all of the time. Simply not possible. Same with any type of government or community role. Most important: anyone who mocks or disregards or places their hatred towards procedures / protocol should do a stint in an ICU or trauma center.

    Thursday, Mar 3 @ 11:14 am
  • Wombatnc

    I love attending meetings when there are no rules and people are shouting, speaking out of turn and throwing papers around – they’re so productive! Just like a first grade recess without the teacher around.

    Friday, Mar 4 @ 9:29 am