Welcome, Charlie

By on March 25, 2022

(Corolla Wildhorse Fund)

On the afternoon of March 25, the Corolla Wild Horse Fund proudly announced its newest arrival, along with a little advice.

Foaling season has officially begun! Welcome to the world, baby number one – a colt we are calling Charlie.

Please remember to give mares and foals plenty of space. We really cannot stress this enough. It’s imperative that they have time to bond with each other, and stress can cause all kinds of issues with both mom and foal. If you are lucky enough to see them, please be respectful and responsible. Do not stop and get out of your vehicle, do not hover on top of them (50 ft. applies to when you’re inside a vehicle too), and definitely do not approach, touch, or feed.

Your support helps us continue to protect and responsibly manage the Bankers here in Corolla so that Charlie and all the rest of the foals can grow up happy and healthy, and eventually have offspring of their own: https://www.corollawildhorses.com/support-corolla-wild…/




  • Robin Ames

    We all want these beautiful wild creatures to survive and thrive. Why then give them names? It only makes them seem less wild.

    Friday, Mar 25 @ 9:13 pm
  • Dorothy Bielinski

    I wish everyone would respect our wildlife everywhere in the world! We need to remember we are in their world, not the other way around! The only pure creatures on this planet are the animals! So please, for God’s sake, please be respectful!

    Saturday, Mar 26 @ 5:45 pm
  • C A Saunders

    Seems like with all the recent losses to this herd that we’re certainly blessed with at this point by the birth of this little guy.

    Let’s all lookout for him and the others, give them their space, and everyone slow down a bit. It’s better that way, better that way for all.


    Sunday, Mar 27 @ 10:47 am