Phone and Internet Service restored for Hatteras Island

By on May 13, 2022

(Dare County Emergency Management)

May 14 at 7 am: Dare County Emergency Management reports that internet, cellular and landline phone service has been restored for Hatteras Island as of Saturday morning, May 14, 2022.

If your service has not yet  been restored, please attempt to contact your service provider by all means possible.


Fiber Cable Cut Reported on Hatteras Island

Dare County Emergency Management issued this announcement shortly after 4 p.m. on Friday, May 13.

A fiber cable that provides connectivity to Hatteras Island was damaged on the afternoon of Friday, May 13, 2022, causing the island to lose internet, cellular and landline phone service.

If you experience an emergency and are unable to contact 911, please proceed to your nearest fire department or Dare County EMS station for assistance.

Crews have been dispatched. No additional information is available at this time. Updates will be provided as more information becomes available.






NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS:  BIDDER PRE-QUALIFICATION REQUEST:  Barnhill Contracting has been selected as the Construction Manager at Risk by Dare County and is seeking to pre-qualify construction trade and specialty contractors to submit bids for furnishing Labor, Material, Equipment, and Other for the new “Dare County – EMS 1 / Fire Station 14” (KDH) located in Kill Devil Hills, NC.  PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The scope of the project encompasses approximately 36,000 sqft of new construction and 18,000 sqft of demolition on a 3.5-acre site located at the 1630 N Croatan Highway, Kill Devil Hills, NC. The project includes masonry bearing walls supporting a Standing Seam Metal Roof over Light Gauge Trusses housing administrative, living and support spaces along with 6 apparatus bays. Principal trade and specialty contractors are solicited for the following Bid Packages: BP750 – Turnkey Siding. Additional Packages may be added and/or deleted at the discretion of the Construction Manager. Historically underutilized business participation is encouraged. Interested contractors should submit their completed prequalification submittals to Meredith Terrell by December 2, 2022, via email at or mail to PO Box 31765 Raleigh, NC 27622 (Office Location – 4325 Pleasant Valley Road, NC 27612). PREQUALIFICATION FORMS CAN BE OBTAINED from BuildingConnected through this Invite under the “File” tab or from BuildingConnected link on the Barnhill, Bidding Opportunities website at by selecting “Dare County – EMS 1 / Fire Station 14 – Prequalification”, or by contacting Meredith Terrell  (919-604-2367). Please submit completed prequalification forms A and B along with all required supporting documentation and with All Bid Packages you are Prequalified for Checked. Form B must be submitted for this project. Form A is good for 1-Year and if you have submitted one to Barnhill within the last year, it should still be valid. If you are unsure, please verify this with Meredith. Target Bid Date: January 2023



  • surf123

    Oddly enough I just remoted into my house to take a look at the weather and could not. By chance I hopped over here and sure enough the fiber to the island is cut. The recommendation to go the fire station if 911 is needed is great, but no one except those with Charter can see it.

    Friday, May 13 @ 8:20 pm
  • Carter McKay

    This is absurd!

    No land-line nor cell service in the event of an emergency and no one seems too overly concerned. The inability to call 911 defeats its purpose as most that are in distress are normally unable to drive to their local fire station to seek assistance.

    Aren’t most fire detection systems dependent upon an internet connection or a phone line? Thousands of homes up and down this island susceptible to potential loss due to a fiber optic line being severed? This is a huge story, and it appears to have fallen upon deaf ears!

    My God are the people of Hatteras Island so insignificant as to be left unattended and unable to contact emergency services?


    Saturday, May 14 @ 12:33 am
  • Steven

    Was nice while it lasted, was looking forward to an evacuation.

    Saturday, May 14 @ 7:49 am
  • Wondering

    Fiber is pretty solid unless someone backhoes it, but it would be nice to have a secondary system. Any suggestions other than fiber to link Hatteras Island to Internet and phone? Maybe a VOIP backup system that runs on satellite Internet?

    Saturday, May 14 @ 4:06 pm
  • Steven

    Mr. Carter McKay, I understand the concern and it is real due to the current overloaded and overbuilt state of this island.
    However, for residents it is not that big a deal, we are experienced with looking out for one another in difficult times.
    Many here remember a time when if you wished to speak with particular person, go to their house, or see them at post office.

    If the house catches fire, get out, there are no sprinkler systems in any house here. Fire department will respond without being called, they are manned, there are lookouts, and rescue/safety patrols roam neighborhoods, mostly all trained volunteers.

    Was nice playing games with family and listening to music.

    Saturday, May 14 @ 4:26 pm