Avon beach nourishment project gets head start  

By on June 18, 2022

Ellis Island dredge arrives earlier than expected.

(Dare County)

According to a June 18 Dare County update, the timetable for the Avon Beach nourishment project has been moved up with the dredge Ellis Island scheduled to arrive here on June 19.

This is the report.

The dredge Ellis Island—which was scheduled to arrive in Buxton after July 4—has been released from its previous project earlier than expected. According to Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Co., the Ellis Island will arrive in Dare County on Sunday, June 19.

This schedule change will enable Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Co. to temporarily assign the Avon beach nourishment project to the Ellis Island earlier than planned while awaiting the arrival of the dredge Liberty Island.

The Ellis Island is expected to start pumping sand onto the beach in Avon on Sunday or Monday (June 19 or 20), from the discharge point located at station 1650+00 (between Ocean View Drive and Greenwood Place). Sand placement will continue moving south to the end of the project area across from Park Drive (just north of ORV Ramp 38).

After the southernmost section of the project has been completed, Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Co. will return to the discharge point between Ocean View Drive and Greenwood Place and start moving north toward the Avon Fishing Pier.

Once the dredging is underway, construction will occur 24/7 (including holidays) unless mechanical issues or rough sea conditions require a shutdown. Weather permitting, project completion is anticipated in August 2022.

As far as the Buxton project goes, it is now waiting for the arrival of the Liberty Island dredge. The Liberty Island—which was previously scheduled to arrive in Avon in late June—is currently expected to arrive in early July in order to complete navigation system upgrades.

Once the Liberty Island arrives, it will take over the Avon beach nourishment while the Ellis Island moves downshore to begin beach nourishment in Buxton.

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  • Sean Mulligan

    It will be interesting to see the long term effect of beach nourishment in an area where there is no planned beach nourishment on either side of the barrier island.Go to Google earth and type in Beach Haven New Jersey.Look at the Southend and you will get an idea of how it will probably look over time. Except it will look that way on both the North and South end of Avon.

    Sunday, Jun 19 @ 7:17 am